America’s greatest Super Heroine, cumming like a whore…

Busty Super Heroine Christina Carter breaks into the facility

OPERATION AMERICANA” is a fantasy scenario and features plenty of BDSM and hardcore sex!

Americana, played by Christina Carter, is a big-boobed Super Heroine who is beautiful and sexy in her tight uniform and skilled in saving the world. When the President shows her some footage of a hostage situation taking place right now involving his daughter. This is an extremely serious situation and the whole world needs Americana to save the day. Americana bursts into action and breaks her way into the secure facility leaving a trail of bloodied villians in her wake. When she finally discovers the President’s daughter, Riley Rey, it seems that she has saved the day… but has she?

Super heroine Americana becomes overpowered by the evil Doctor

It seems that this evil-doing is down to the brilliant supervillain, The Doctor. The taking of the President’s daughter was just a plan to use her as bait and attract the huge boobed hero, Americana. The plan has worked perfectly. Now, Americana is right where he wants her, subdued and tied up.

The busty super heroine is tied up naked next to the hostage, Riley Rey

The fanatastic Super Heroine is naked, completely humiliated and used as a humping post, a sexual slave, then she herself is used as bait…

Americana has her big boobs groped and cums like a whore

If you like gorgeous pornstars and fetish models naked and involved in all kinds of bondage, masturbation and hardcore sex this scene is particularly spicy. For lovers of switches the powerful Americana is overpowered and becomes the ultimate switch as she is tied up and used for the Doctor’s every whim. Eventually after being groped and probed the powerful super heroine cums like a dirty whore as she is completely humiliated!!

Christina Carter and Riley Rey are tied up naked, humiliated and dominated in Operation Americana movies

In this amazing movie, “OPERATION AMERICANA”, Christina Carter plays the super heroine, Americana, Riley Rey plays the president’s daughter and it also features Princess Donna Dolore and Isis Love. For plenty more of these hardcore sexual dominance fantasies check out Sex and Submission!

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