Redhead gets Thrashed

Sexy redhead gets thrashed on the bench

This is another one of those Czech-language movies where the girl is secured to a wooden bench and is getting lashed with some kind of whip. In this case, the girl is pretty cute and is very reactive indeed to her bare bottom getting lashed. Even though her legs are strapped to the bench and her wrists are handcuffed underneath she still manages to move her bottom as far away as she can from the painful implement. A moment passes, she knows that there is not enough room for her bottom to completely escape, she lowers herself back down, looking at the camera…

Sexy redhead gets thrashed on the bench movies

…this is quite a punishment. There is something about that look the girl gives the camera that I really like, maybe it’s a submissive face or a face that isn’t used to being submissive learning the ropes.

If you like the style and aren’t put off by the Czech language there’s plenty more of these punishments at Rough Man Spank.

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Blonde Mom in lingerie requests a Whipping

Blonde Mom in lingerie requests her Whipping

Sometimes it seems like the older some women get the kinkier they become. Well, that appears to be the case for this horny, blonde cougar. Not only does she know what she likes, she’s not afraid to ask for it, especially when the thing she wants is a severe whipping on her milky-white buttocks. In her corset and stockings with her breasts exposed and her panties pulled off, she’s secured to the whipping bench. Up to this point its been very naughty and fun, lots of smiles and excitement, but then it begins…

Sexy blonde MILF gets tied to the bench for a whipping

As requested, this kinky Mom gets a fearsome whipping. The first stroke comes as a shock, even though she’s expecting it, and is enough to change her expression from a smile to a pained look. Perhaps we should remind this lady that she did ask for her punishment. From hereon in the ordeal does not get any easier for this sexy lady as she is given exactly what she craves… a very hard and relentless whipping.


Sexy blonde MILF gets tied to the bench for a whipping movie

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Sexy Sex-Kitten Whipped

Sex kitten babe undressed and gets her bare bottom whipped her till her ass turns black-and-blue

In the Batman movies Catwoman has to be one of the best characters. She dresses in tight, black latex has a kinky cat mask and ears, and, best of all, wields a long bullwhip. The catwoman concept is erotic enough but when you get this sexy heroine/villain being played by the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry playing her, you know its going to be good.

Obviously they can’t do too much of this in Hollywood but fantasies involving Catwoman must include her strutting around in her skintight outfit and high heels terrorizing the community until she’s finally captured and the tables are turned. while she’s restrained the cat outfit can be unpeeled, maybe leaving the mask in place, maybe not. Then once the sex kitten is stretched out, her perfect body immobile, the long bullwhip can be used on that sexy naked body.

So, these Catwoman whipping clips are very erotic, even though she’s speaking in Czech the fact that she’s so submissive that she even obediently counts each stroke of the whip is very hot…

Sex kitten babe undressed and gets her bare bottom whipped her till her ass turns black-and-blue gallery

I think this could be done really well if the Catwoman was standing up in a star position with her ankles and wrists secured so that she’s slightly stretching. Then the woman would walk around her examining her perky breasts, smooth stomach and long legs whilst taking her buttocks and breasts from time to whip her from time to time… especially if she’s Michelle Pfeiffer… anyway…

This amateur Catwoman is lovely and takes her rough whipping very well indeed while being tied down to the bench with her bottom bared and exposed. You can see every stroke of her punishment whipping at…

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Redheaded Olga takes the Switch

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch on the punishment bench

Olga is very good-looking and has a great figure, she’s very sexy but that red hair tells you that she also has a fiery personality. It looks like that’s what has gotten her into trouble again as she is tied to the bench and thrashed by a strict man in an army camouflage outfit and balaclava. The pretty babe wearing only a negligee with her pretty white pearl of a bottom bare and defenseless to the sting of the mean switch that is targeted upon her. The switch itself may not look very fearsome, it’s just a long, thin strip of wood, but when used correctly can inflict enormous pain upon it’s naughty recipient, as Olga ably demonstrates in these movies..

Redheaded Olga takes the Switch on the punishment bench movies

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Two sexy babes punished together on the bench

Busty babe thrashed while lying on the bench

In the dark underworlds of Eastern Europe things are a little different. While we might discipline our ladies with a brisk over the knee spanking, paddling or even a caning, the S&M clubs in the East prefer a good whipping across the bench.

Here, at the Rough Man Club two sexy girlfriends are being punished together. First they undress and show us their lovely bodies; one girl has a very pretty, small frame with little boobies, the other a more curvatious figure with great, big breasts. Then, one-by-one, they lie down on the bench with their bottoms in the air for the stinging pain of the whip! Watch these two sweethearts get punished together…

Two hot chicks get thrashed over the punishment bench gallery | movies

Established in 1993, the Rough Man Club has been paying attention to the needs of kinky females ever since. The Club is the ultimate place for such girls and women to share their deepest punishment fantasies. Before they are accepted, they have to pass through a special procedure which is always shot on video. Get in to see the highlights of the Club’s initiation scenes along with custom-made punishment videos reflecting the fantasies of individual club members, and more. This footage is exclusive to the Club and is not available anywhere else…

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