Valerie Bryant has panties pulled down for a second bare spanking

Valerie Bryant's bare bottom is aglow with her panties pulled down after her OTK spanking

Gym-toned, Valerie Bryant gets a second 220-smack spanking, as she lies over the teacher’s knee. The sexy babe gets smacked on her bottom bare with her firm breasts almost popping out of her bright yellow top. She’s visiting the “Reform School” to try and correct her errant ways and her second lesson another spanking on the bare bottom across the knee of Mr. Reed. Right from the outset Valerie remains defiant. “No matter how long I’m over your lap, nothing’s going to change,” she says. Perhaps Mr Reed can change that attitude! Whether he does or not Valerie is sure to feel a good, long spanking with her panties pulled down on her cute bubble butt. Perhaps she’ll need plenty more sessions before she begins to learn her lessons.

Valerie Bryant is a newcomer to spanking modelling but she is a very cute addition to our computer screens. This lovely lady is a sexy, petite brunette with what sounds like an English accent. She has just the right amount of submissiveness while she also complains during her spankings, having to be told off and corrected inbetween smacks.

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Three Hot Ladies get a Well-Deserved Spanking

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Samantha Woodley knocks on her neighbor's door to tell him she's just dinged his car

Samantha Woodley is back for a sound spanking in Learning Curve. Why? She’s “dinged” his car. At least, that’s her story! He tans her hide in tight shorts and tells her to cook him scrambled eggs for breakfast. “Couldn’t you make it simple?” she asks. Classic fun…

Annabelle Vanderwood gets caned in school uniform over a grand piano

Beautiful model Annabelle Vanderwood brings it big-time when she takes 12 with a cane for not keeping in touch with her parents, in Life Coach. Frank Reed pulls down her panties and stripes her perfectly rounded bare bottom to a tearful finale. There is also a very sexy interview with Annabelle where she and Alison Miller are lying on the bed together chatting about Annabelle’s first spanking shoot and her real-life experiences.

Brand new spanking model Sabrina Scott shows her red bottom after her OTK session

Sabrina Scott stars as troublemaker Valerie Bryant in a brand new series. Sent to Reform School at Mountain Retreat, she’s told the consequences of disruptive behavior at school and home. A panties down bare spanking is only the start of her discipline with Mr Reed.

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