Sara Goes Across Two Laps

Sara Faye goes across two laps and gets a good spanking

This is a very sexy update that is coming to My Spanking Roommate! It’s a very fun and sexy, while still being quite hard spanking. The naughty Sara Faye tries to get her own back on her ex, James’s new girlfriend by giving her a few spanks over his desk when she barges into his office. But spanking the new girlfriend, Madison Martin, does not last very long. Soon it is Madison and James who are spanking Sara. In fact, Sara lies across both of their laps at the same time! After a good and hard hand-spanking a solid-looking hairbrush appears from out of nowhere and the sexy blonde with the perky bubblebutt gets treated to a hairbrush spanking session.

From Sara’s point of view this must have been extremely embarrassing. At the start she’d wanted to get revenge, but it turned out that the tables were turned and it was she who learnt the lesson. However, it is also a very sexy scene, not least because Sara’s butt is soo delicious. It seems so pert and firm and round. She plays the naughty tomboy very well indeed, and takes a nice firm spanking that gets her lovely bottom very red!!

Sara Faye goes across two laps and gets a good spanking – gallery

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Class of ’09 get Spanked!

The girls of Exclusive Education 4 line up

Following on from yesterday’s description of EE4, here are some more sample photos of the schoolgirl* spanking epic. The spanking story is here, now for the photos (this is a full-length spanking movie so it is very long and there is a lot of har spanking action)…

The action starts off with the seven naughty ladies getting handspanked two-by-two…

Exclusive Education 4: gallery one (handspanking)

Two bare bottoms get a hard OTK handspanking while two other bare bottoms look on

But, a twist in the tale sees the strict and beautiful teacher with milky-white skin getting a punishment her own… Exclusive Education 4: gallery two (Miss Snow)

And, there is yet more spanking for the naughty girls, this time with hairbrushes and paddles… Exclusive Education 4: gallery three (paddles and hairbrushes)

Exclusive Education gets better and better. Number four is threatening to be the best yet. Check it out now only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Exclusive Education 4 is Here!

Miss Snow and Principal Miller spanking the girls after they have misbehaved on an outing
Snow Mercy spanks Ashli Orion (left) and Lana spanks Ariel X

For each of the past 3 years Clare Fonda has launched a new “Exclusive Education” spanking movie.. each one was filled with cute babes getting spanked hard by the Principal and teachers of the school. With a different class of girls every year Exclusive Education 1, 2 and 3 have all been amazingly good, hard spanking fun… but now with EE4 we have the Class of ’09…

The story is that this group of girls has finished in last place of the spelling bee so to celebrate the school takes them on an outing. But, it is not long before an argument breaks out, there are no teachers around so the argument turns into a mass brawl. Miss Fonda and Principal Miller return to find Miss Snow (Snow Mercy) nowhere in sight and the ladies pulling each others’ hair out on the floor. In the great Exclusive Education tradition, Principal Miller (Lana) announces that the girls will all be spanked on their bare bottoms. The Principal and Miss Snow each take a seat in the center of the room and each girl is disrobed and her panties pulled down to lie across their laps. With Lana and Snow each spanking a girl at the same time in classic EE-style. After the first round of spankings the two girls then swap seats and get spanked by the other teacher… It is going to be a long, hard punishment for these girls, especially for Miss Fonda’s daughter (Sara Faye) who gets an extra spanking from her mother on top of her first two spankings. The seven girls get thoroughly spanked in whats left of their school uniforms before extra punishments are dished out with the hairbrush and paddle on deserving bottoms.

But, there is still the question of why Miss Snow abandoned her duties in the first place leading up to the girls’ fight (perhaps this snooty teacher deserves a spanking of her own in front of the class of girls). And, what happens later that evening when the girls need extra discipline slumber party-style in their pajamas…

Exclusive Education 4 is here at Girl Spanks Girl

If you like a classroom-style spanking scenario you need to check this out. There’s is plenty of good hard F/F discipline applied to the naughty girls’ bottoms. You may have seen Ashli Orion here before and she is definitely one of the highlights, along with Lily Anna, Ariel X and, of course, Madison Martin. But the real highlight has to be new teacher Miss Snow, looking all prim and proper in her tight blouse, she spanks the girls hard until she eventually has to lower her own panties for Principal Miller’s wooden paddle…

Exclusive Education gets better and better. Number four is threatening to be the best yet. Check it out now only at Clare Fonda’s Girl Spanks Girl

Girl Spanks Girl

Office Slut Spanking

Mark Johnson spanks his naughty girlfriend in the office

Mark Johnson manages a nursing home that does business with Madison’s insurance company. When his girlfriend Faye (played by Sara Faye) comes to visit the office, she is extremely bratty. He warns that he has put up with her nasty attitude far too long. But Faye says “what are you gonna do, spank me?” Well, that is exactly what he does, taking her over his knee for the spanking of her lifetime. Her cute, plump bottom is quickly turned red until Faye finally agrees to behave.

This is another smoking-hot spanking update from the spanking soap opera that is…

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Spanked Sweetie Sara Faye

Sara Faye gets spanked over the knee

In case you haven’t seen Sara Faye on the web she’s a cute, slim, tattooed, brunette pornstar. Her tattoos show that she’s rebellious and individual so of course she has to end up over the knee at some point. Here she is, finally, in this Spanked Sweeties gallery.

Her punishment has only just begun but already you can see that her panties are down and her bottom is reddening up nicely as she gets hand spanked OTK. Actually, these photos are in the wrong order, but you get the idea. Sara is sexy and petite so her lovely round bottom sticks out nicely as she lies across the strict brunette’s knee and gets smacked and slapped into submission in this girl-girl spanking fantasy. Paige Richards is the strict domme and she really does a fantastic job, as you can see from Sara’s bottom!

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