The Good Ol’ Methods

The dean begins his correctional tactics on the naughty blonde student, Emma Haize

This update is from March 2011 but it’s very good and deserved it’s own post, better late than never. It’s a classic classroom scene with a naughty lady, Emma Haize, in detention with her young professor, Sarah Vandella. But the pretty, female teacher is unable to control the unruly student and has to call in the dean, Steve Holmes, who resorts to some old but effective correctional tactics: “The Good Old Methods”. Firstly he punishes the student and ensures that both student and teacher are bonded together in their shared experience by spanking them side-by-side over the desk.

Professor, Sarah Vandella, and student, Emma Haize are made to bend over the desk side-by-side as the dean punishes them

The dean then punishes and fucks both girls in different ways with them both in bondage as a way to improve relations….

There are some very nice parts to this hardcore 3some scene. The part where student and teacher are bending over the desk together, the student with her plaid skirt lifted up and her bare buttocks being slapped and the teacher in her tight, gray pencil skirt. From behind the two bottoms together look very appealing indeed for whatever you’d like to do to them… and the dean does pretty much everything to these two gorgeous women.

Emma Haize and Sarah Vandella in “The Good Old Methods” movies

Professor, Sarah Vandella, sucks the dean's cock as Emma watches

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