Spanked on Pool table

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the latest episode that is just starting on Sarah Gregory Spanking! Savannah Sly is spanking naughty switch, Sarah Gregory over a pool table.

Over the knee is by far the most popular position for spankers and spankees alike due to the closeness and body contact during the spanking, but spanking a naughty lady over a table is also a popular choice. Sometimes the spankee bends over the table with her feet on the ground; her legs can be together or spread wide apart. Here, Sarah is lying on the green felt of a pool table while Savannah spanks her round bottom.

It’s nice that you can see everything at once… sexy Savannah leaning over to punish her friend, Sarah’s reactions, her panties bunched up around her knees, and of course the red bottom that is receiving the punishment.

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Sarah Gregory Spanking

School Nurse spanks Naughty Student

The nurse takes Sarah over her knee after being called a dumb bitch

Nurse Sly is a very kind nurse, but not when she is lied to and called a “dumb bitch.” That was not a good move on Sarah’s part. Now Sarah really will be in pain… well her butt that is. Lying about not feeling well to get out of school leads to a well spanked and paddled bottom.

In this update Savannah Sly is the very pretty nurse and, of course, Sarah Gregory is the bratty schoolgirl. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Savannah at work and it’s very impressive. Sarah’s new red hair is quite similar to Savannah’s and it matches the red in her plaid skirt, red knickers, and of course her reddening bottom as she gets it spanked! With two beautiful ladies, this update is very sexy indeed. As Nurse Sly spanks naughty Sarah her slutty nurses’ uniform comes apart and we can see her pretty black bra with polkadots.

As Sarah’s ordeal continues her red panties come down and the nurse gets serious as she starts to use a painful, leather paddle. This should really teach Sarah to be nice to people who are trying to help her…

Schoolgirl Sarah Gregory gets a hard spanking and paddling for being rude to the school nurse

…this is one of the latest adventures of sexy Sarah Gregory and her naughty troublemaking that sees her getting that lovely, big, round bottom smacked very hard. You can download all her movies and pictures of her sexy badgirl and goodgirl spankings at Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

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