The Perfect Gift

Asian maid Marica Hase tied up and suspended in rope bondage in The Perfect Gift

Cute and sexy Asian pornstar Marica Hase is the perfect gift for big tits, Lauren Phillips, from fat cock, Ramon Nomar, in this kinky hardcore scene called… “The Perfect Gift” at Sex and Submission!

Housewife Lauren is stressed out from doing all the housework at their new ranch. She just wants a little help around the place so husband Ramon has a little surprise for his curvaceous wife: A petite and willing Asian slave girl! Ramon reveals this hot little package hanging from a tree in a fetching rope suspension. Lauren is excited to have a servant of her very own and is anxious to get started having her dirty way so she starts with the flogger while Ramon gets his cock sucked and fucks Marica’s pussy.

Next, Marica the slave girl is chained up in the corner with leather collar and a ball gag. Lauren is decked out in a tight black latex corset with thigh high stockings and high heels. She has two tasks for Marica to complete. First, she must clean the floor and then clean her pussy! Lauren throws a towel at her willing servant and makes her scrub the floor on her hands and knees. Marica’s back is arched and her ass high in the air while she performs her cleaning duties. Lauren can’t wait any longer to get some attention on that horny pussy, she puts one leg up on the counter, spreads her legs wide and sets Marica to task on licking her pussy until she cums. Later Lauren finds Marica sucking Ramon’s dick while he’s watching tv and disciplines her for not following orders. She bends Marica over the couch and spanks her little ass and thighs until they turn bright red…

Lauren Phillips spanks Marica Hase's round Asian ass

Ramon takes charge and tells the girls to get in position. Lauren on the floor on her back with legs spread eagle and Marica chained and collared next to her. He punishes them both with the flogger and reminds them they are there to serve him!

Lauren Phillips and Marica Hase get dominated together by Ramon

All day long Ramon ties the girls up in different hot positions and fucks them with his huge cock and a double dildo until finally both girls face each other and play with their pussies until they cum and Ramon shoots his load all over both of them.

Ramon dominates and fucks Lauren Phillips and Marica Hase

Ramon ass-fucks his wife Lauren Phillips with her tied up in bondage and Marica on her back

This scene starts off as an MF/F movie but by the end, it transforms into M/FF. There is a lot of masturbation, lesbian sex and fucking here but there is also plenty of spanking and bondage mixed in with the hardcore action. To watch the full The Perfect Gift movie and many more kinky hardcore movies check out Sex and Submission.

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Big-boobed Bondage …and Spanking!

Alura Jensen spanks Janice Griffith before she is tied up in Big-boobed Bondage

Beautiful Whores” on Sex and Submission features huge-boobed MILF Alura Jensen and Janice Griffith. At the beginning Alura spanks sexy schoolgirl Janice over her knee with her big boobs rolling around as she spanks school girl ass. Then, busty MILF Alura goes from spanker to submissive as she is tied up and tormented in big-boobed bondage!

Alura Jensen is a beautiful, big breasted heiress desperate to keep her inheritance.

It’s not the best scene on the website by any means, but if you like the idea of seeing a sexy big-boobed MILF in bondage and having rough anal sex it’s worth checking out. The fact that Alura has such big enhanced boobs means that they can be tied up in all manner of ways, which they are as she is restrained and punished all over the bedroom.

The scene also features Janice Griffith, who is not in the entire scene but makes a short cameo on the receiving end of a spanking. We didn’t recognise it was her at first, she looks very different from how she used to look in this post.

Watch this full scene and see much more hardcore sex and rough bondage and spanking (generally M/F but with some F/F, as here) at Sex and Submission.

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All-American cowgirl Rose Red whipped

All-American cowgirl Rose Red

The Rancher’s Daughter” is a feature presentation at Sex and Submission with all-american cowgirl, Rose Red. The sexy 22-year-old redhead loves bondage, anal sex and rough sex… which is good because that’s exactly what she gets. James Deen strips, ties up and dominates the sexy cowgirl outdoors in the farm yard. She is whipped, spanked and fucked in different positions in this super hot and intense fantasy role play!

Rose Red is tied up and whipped naked outdoors

There is a lot of whipping here, and there’s a lot of sex… there are also some parts where Rose gets spanked and slapped during sex, or while she’s getting her pussy toyed with a magic wand.

Rose Red is fairly new to porn but she is melt-in-the-mouth gorgeous as a sexy all-american cowgirl… in fact she’s be amazing in any scene! She has a great body and an interesting “rose” tattoo along the side of her torso. It’s the first we’ve seen of her but we hope it won’t be the last.

Often these kind of scenes involve a storyline where the submissive somehow gets punished against their will. All spanking scenes are consensual on the internet because the actors and actresses are adults who are choosing to be involved, but it’s also nice when a lady actually wants to be punished in a scene like this. Both dominant and submissive are enjoying the action in the story and presumably in reality too!

All-American cowgirl Rose Red gets tied up, spanked and fucked

Rose Red's face is in the dirt when James Deen spanks her nude outdoors

If you like hard BDSM and even harder hardcore with some very kinky scenarios being acted out by some of the most beautiful pornstars you’ll love Sex and Submission! The “The Rancher’s Daughter” update is one of their feature presentations but even the regular updates are of a similar quality. This sexy all-american cowgirl really caught our attention though!

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The Good Ol’ Methods

The dean begins his correctional tactics on the naughty blonde student, Emma Haize

This update is from March 2011 but it’s very good and deserved it’s own post, better late than never. It’s a classic classroom scene with a naughty lady, Emma Haize, in detention with her young professor, Sarah Vandella. But the pretty, female teacher is unable to control the unruly student and has to call in the dean, Steve Holmes, who resorts to some old but effective correctional tactics: “The Good Old Methods”. Firstly he punishes the student and ensures that both student and teacher are bonded together in their shared experience by spanking them side-by-side over the desk.

Professor, Sarah Vandella, and student, Emma Haize are made to bend over the desk side-by-side as the dean punishes them

The dean then punishes and fucks both girls in different ways with them both in bondage as a way to improve relations….

There are some very nice parts to this hardcore 3some scene. The part where student and teacher are bending over the desk together, the student with her plaid skirt lifted up and her bare buttocks being slapped and the teacher in her tight, gray pencil skirt. From behind the two bottoms together look very appealing indeed for whatever you’d like to do to them… and the dean does pretty much everything to these two gorgeous women.

Emma Haize and Sarah Vandella in “The Good Old Methods” movies

Professor, Sarah Vandella, sucks the dean's cock as Emma watches

If you like hard BDSM and even harder hardcore with some very kinky scenarios being acted out by some of the most beautiful pornstars you’ll love Sex and Submission!

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America’s greatest Super Heroine, cumming like a whore…

Busty Super Heroine Christina Carter breaks into the facility

OPERATION AMERICANA” is a fantasy scenario and features plenty of BDSM and hardcore sex!

Americana, played by Christina Carter, is a big-boobed Super Heroine who is beautiful and sexy in her tight uniform and skilled in saving the world. When the President shows her some footage of a hostage situation taking place right now involving his daughter. This is an extremely serious situation and the whole world needs Americana to save the day. Americana bursts into action and breaks her way into the secure facility leaving a trail of bloodied villians in her wake. When she finally discovers the President’s daughter, Riley Rey, it seems that she has saved the day… but has she?

Super heroine Americana becomes overpowered by the evil Doctor

It seems that this evil-doing is down to the brilliant supervillain, The Doctor. The taking of the President’s daughter was just a plan to use her as bait and attract the huge boobed hero, Americana. The plan has worked perfectly. Now, Americana is right where he wants her, subdued and tied up.

The busty super heroine is tied up naked next to the hostage, Riley Rey

The fanatastic Super Heroine is naked, completely humiliated and used as a humping post, a sexual slave, then she herself is used as bait…

Americana has her big boobs groped and cums like a whore

If you like gorgeous pornstars and fetish models naked and involved in all kinds of bondage, masturbation and hardcore sex this scene is particularly spicy. For lovers of switches the powerful Americana is overpowered and becomes the ultimate switch as she is tied up and used for the Doctor’s every whim. Eventually after being groped and probed the powerful super heroine cums like a dirty whore as she is completely humiliated!!

Christina Carter and Riley Rey are tied up naked, humiliated and dominated in Operation Americana movies

In this amazing movie, “OPERATION AMERICANA”, Christina Carter plays the super heroine, Americana, Riley Rey plays the president’s daughter and it also features Princess Donna Dolore and Isis Love. For plenty more of these hardcore sexual dominance fantasies check out Sex and Submission!

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Audrey Rose gets tied, spanked & fucked

Audrey Rose gets tied up in bondage and her boobs and thighs are caned

Gorgeous Audrey Rose comes to Sex and Submission to be bound, controlled and dominated by Mark Davis. The two create magic on the screen as Mark masterfully puts Audrey through her paces in this ultra hot and intense session. Watch her suffer under the cane, squirm from the ass hook, squirt and have uncontrollable orgasms. Audrey performs deep throat in bondage and gets fucked into oblivion in this must see update!

Audrey Rose is tied naked over a spanking horse and her bare bottom is spanked

Radiant, fresh-faced pornstar Audrey Rose gets tied, spanked & fucked gallery

If you like gorgeous teen getting fucked roughly in all kinds of bondage equipment then this is the site for you! Aswell as some sexy amateurs and fetish models who you’ll only see at their best here, there are some of the hottest pornstars around. Submissive women bound & fucked by men in BDSM fantasies at Sex and Submission!

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19 year old Latina bound and fucked

19 year old Latina Jynx Maze bound and fucked

Jynx Maze is a hot new latina pornstar on the block, but here she may have bitten off more than she can chew. She’s found herself bound up in the dungeon and Mark Davis is acting out some sex fantasies on her amazing body by getting her secured in all kinds of restrictive positions and whipping, flogging and canning her pert, teen ass. Whether it’s OTK or tied up while she’s standing with her arms tied together behind her back, Jynx gets manoeuvred all over the dungeon for his every whim. Then, the sexy, naked latina gets some hardcore treatment. The 19 year old tests her pain tolerance and obedience while getting fucked in the pussy and ass! Mmmmm.

19 year old Latina Jynx Maze bound and fucked

If you like gorgeous teen getting fucked roughly in all kinds of bondage equipment then this is the site for you! Aswell as some sexy amateurs and fetish models who you’ll only see at their best here, there are some of the hottest pornstars around. Submissive women bound & fucked by men in BDSM fantasies at Sex and Submission!

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Breaking and Entering

Lilla Katt and Seda get caned in the pillories

Sometimes the updates here can be very normal-looking and sane. Not so today. This update is very perverted and kinky, as you’d expect from Sex and Submission, and sees two lovely ladies getting punished and fucked by a perverted security guard after they have broken into the armory where he is keeping watch. The perverted security guard is Mark Davis and the two ladies he has ensnared, Seda and Lilla Katt, are more than happy to be used, screwed, thrashed and humiliated by him. They are made into sex slaves who are told to slap and lick each other before sucking his cock and getting fucked in unusual bondage.

Seeing the two subs secured side-by-side in the Pillories with their hands behind their backs as they are caned is very nice, but there are all kinds of unusual methods of tying these two beauties up for different sexual purposes in this scene. Check out this sample of the perverted movie “Breaking and Entering“..

Lilla Katt and Seda get punished in this kinky hardcopre and bondage gallery

If you like your spanking mixed in with some nice hardcore sex watch this full movie and many more of the dirtiest, kinkiest, hardest hardcore bondage scenes at Sex and Submission.

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Angel Cummings gets Bondage’d

Angel Cummings gets her ass smacked OTK wearing a ballgag

If you don’t know who Angel Cummings is, watch this scene and enjoy. She’s a cute ebony teen pornstar with big, all-natural breasts and lovely mocha skin. Since bursting onto the scene she’s wow’ed with her amazing hardcore skills and now she’s getting tied up and spanked. She is a very beautiful teen with an amazing body, look at those tits as they get whipped…

Angel Cummings gets her tits whipped in bondage

Angel Cummings gets spanked, whipped and fucked in bondage gallery

Angel Cummings is a hot little 19 year old with perfect natural large breasts. Mr. Pete takes his new slut out of her cage and treats her like a piece of meat. In bondage, Angel gives up all control and get fucked hard. This is a great bondage sex and interracial scene!

If you like your spanking mixed in with some nice hardcore sex watch this full movie and many more of the dirtiest, kinkiest, hardest hardcore bondage scenes at Sex and Submission.

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More MILF punishment…

Hot MILF Melanie Monroe fucked in bondage by her daughter's boyfriend

It’s not just 18 and 19 year olds who get in trouble. Sexy, busty MILF, Melanie Monroe, starts to flirt heavily with her daughter’s boyfriend. She’s all over him, rubbing his cock through his jeans. She’s turning him on, who wouldn’t be turned on by this hot momma? He’s horny and his girlfriend is out so it looks like this naughty older lady is going to get her wish. But wait… with pleasure comes pain… this horny MILF will get her wish but it will be on the younger guy’s terms as he treats her roughly, ties her up and pours wax all over her. The busty MILF loves it and especially loves it when he’s pounding her pussy at the same time.

Busty MILF Melanie Monroe gets fucked in bondage by her daughter’s boyfriend – hardcore gallery

Melanie certainly gives everyone a reason to be loving more experienced ladies. She is very attractive with long, blond hair and wonderful big boobs.

It’s another awesome kinky hardcore sex scene from the bondage experts at Sex and Submission.

Sex and Submission