Naughty Mormon MILF Dominates A Man

Elder Bowen has a crush on MILF, Sister Rose, and he pays her a visit

Elder Bowen is a missionary with a secret crush on the naughty Mormon MILF in his ward, Sister Rose. Whenever he bumps into her at church, he gets shy and can’t talk. He’s jealous of her husband, and sometimes he daydreams that they’re married instead, and he can play with her big Mormon tits and fuck her until she cums again and again. What he doesn’t know is that she wants his cock. She has always wanted to dominate a younger guys, and Elder Bowen seems like just the kind of submissive boy she can humiliate, spank and milk for a big load of cum.

The young missionary is planning to go door to door with Sister Rose’s husband one afternoon, but she makes sure that he’s out on an errand when the boy shows up at her door. She invites him in, and even though he’s not supposed to be alone with her, he gives in to the temptation and chats awkwardly with her while they wait. Being alone with her is what the boy has wanted for months, and now that it’s happening he can’t resist getting an erection. Sister Rose notices the outline of his hard dick and she grabs it. The boy is totally embarrassed, and as he blushes she gives him a disapproving look.

“Do I need to tell your mission president about this?” she asks.

Sister Rose grabs his hard dick

The boy pleads with her not to turn him in, and she agrees not to, on one condition: he has to take off all his clothes for her. He’s terrified now — afraid of being turned in, afraid of her seeing naked, and afraid to disobey her. So he does what she says, taking off his shirt and pants. He stands there in his secret Mormon underwear, and Sister Rose enjoys being completely clothed while he stands there exposed, vulnerable. His big, hard dick presses against his underwear, and she helps him out by dropping them to the floor and stroking his cock. The feeling is so intense that Elder Bowen’s eyes close and he moans.

Mormon MILF Sister Rose spanks his ass and touches his balls

“I’m not going to tell on you, but I still think you need to be punished,” she tells him. She takes his top off too, and orders him to get on his hands and knees, completely naked. He obeys her, and she winds up and spanks his ass hard. He yelps, but he doesn’t resist so she hits him again and again. His butt is bright red where she spanks him. He bites his lip and tries not to make a sound. His dick is dripping wet now, and he hopes she’ll put it in her mouth. Luckily, that’s exactly what she has in mind…

After spanking him Sister Rose sucks on Elder's hard cock

This is a scene from the mormon-themed porn website Mormon Girlz that has some very infrequent spanking and references to spanking but is a nice amateur website.

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