Violet October

Violet October and Arthur Sire in InViolet

We first mentioned Violet October in this post in a very sexy classroom scene with another newbie, Summer Hart, and Nikki Rouge. In that scene the slim blonde was alongside two forceful personalities so she almost got lost in the scene. Here, however, Violet is the main attraction as she gets some sexual therapy from Arthur Sire in “InViolet“. She seems to be enjoying the session enormously. With her glasses and very slim, untanned body with a couple of tattoos she seems like the ultimate kinky nerd.

When frustrated 22-year-old, Violet October, discovers her new health insurance covers sexual therapy, she immediately contacts the handsome Dr. Kurt Camphor who offers such services. The doctor listens attentively as the budding sophisticate describes her current sex life as dull and devoid of adventure. She complains that boys her age lack imagination and never do the things she knows will arouse her, such as spanking and other bottom centric forms of erotic stimulation. Dr. Camphor offers Violet immediate relief, in the form of a firmly impactful over the knee spanking, accompanied by the sort of advice an experienced top will feel compelled to give a beginner submissive. Although possessed of a petite bottom, charming little Violet craves hard spanking and her therapist quickly realizes that is just what his new patient needs.

This preview movie is from the second scene of the movie…

Violet’s hands-on spanking therapy takes on a more deeply erotic aspect when Dr. Camphor has her straddle a slim trestle bench that elevates her slim, pink and white bottom for examination and probing. Violet produces two sleek silicon toys she has obtained at a state-of-the-art sex shop and presents them to her therapist for use in the session. The toys find their way into her tiny bottom in turn, as the corporal punishment accelerates. The combination of anal insertion, hard spanking, strapping, paddling and cropping, soon has Violet responding ecstatically. This very real mini masochist manages her pain via grunts, grins and giggles, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t taking a hell of a licking or that the smacking doesn’t hurt. It’s just the pain is an essential component of her fantasy, the other key part of which is giving up control to someone who knows what they are doing.

They call the bench in this scene a “trestle bench” which is exactly like a spanking bench other than there are no rests for arms or legs. As a result, no only is Violet on her front straddling the bench with her pussy pressed against the black leather, but she’s having to balance herself by stretching down to the floor with those long legs. Violet may be naked but she’s still wearing a pair of black heels which aide this task slightly.

Arthur punishes slim blonde Violet October with a leather strap on the spanking bench

Along with the spanking, and cane, crop and leather paddle punishments, there is also the kinky anal insertions where Violet is punished while wearing a butt plug. It’s a very sexy and erotic scene with plenty of sexual touching and groping of Violet’s lovely pert breasts. She may be very slim with long legs, but sexy blonde Violet October has a lovely body with a small but rounded bottom.

Watch all three parts of this long erotic spanking movie (plus the other three-girl-switching classroom spanking scene, mentioned above) at Shadow Lane!

Shadow Lane

Krystal Klas

Krystal Klas gets paddled naked OTK

Here are a couple of scenes featuring brand new amateur spanking model, Krystal Klas. She looks kinda average and doesn’t exactly sparkle infront of the camera but she’s super skinny and a must-see if you like very thing girls…

Krystal wanted to be spanked when she came to see me, she had never been spanked before and really did not know if she could take the hard spanking that I always dish out. She wanted to play the part of a sexy model and that’s just what we did for her introduction to the world of spanking. After showing off her slim tiny body she was soon over the knee for a real hard spanking, just see how she took it.

Krystal Klas gets her first ever OTK spanking

Krystal's follow-up spanking takes things further with more paddle and the cane

Krystal has just had her first spanking and is feeling pretty pleased with herself, but in this story she gets to be punished by Sarah and as we know Sarah does like to lay it on a bit. Never mind that this is Krystal’s first time she us subject to the same rules, so she is soon bent over being paddled and then caned, not only on her bottom but her hands get to feel the whippy cane as well.

Amateur spanking model Krystal Klas gets her second spanking, paddling and caning from Sarah

Over these two scenes the slender newbie gets spanked naked in all kinds of positions including over the knee and the diaper position. She’s pretty quiet in the beginning but she certainly lets you see how she’s feeling from the spanking with some very deliberate reactions from the cane, especially. And it’s a must for anyone who likes a spankee to be rake thin… Krystal is very thin indeed.

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