Two Hot Soccer Moms

Clare Fonda gets pulled over Silvia Sage's lap as two hot soccer moms spank each other

Two hot soccer moms, Clare Fonda and Silvia Sage, battle it out in the latest installment of Spanking Sorority Girls. The website is definitely widening it’s reach from being purely about sorority girls and nuns and the pledge paddle to involving some of the other spanking situations that may exist outside a sorority house. This scene, “Soccer Mom Spanking Battle“, is one such example.

It reminds us of this famous scene from a long time ago also with Clare Fonda, but this time with another famous spanking model, Chelsea Pfeiffer. Although it’s interesting looking at Clare’s bottom then and now, it seems like she’s really been toning up in the gym these days. She was hot before but now she’s a very hot soccer mom with a perfect, pert soccer mom booty! That scene was another scene with two MILFs spanking each other, and there was even some hairbrush spanking, as there is here.

So, soccer mom Clare is confronted by another super hot soccer mom in Silvia Sage, a slim and sexy pornstar MILF. Silvia is another new-to-spanking model and looks great in her skimpy gym outfit. The two brunette MILFs look great together in their tiny, tight lycra outfits… especially when those shorts are pulled down and those gorgeous MILF bare bottoms are revealed…

Silvia Sage spanks Clare Fonda's lean MILF booty

Clare Fonda was spanked and bullied by her daughter and now her neighbor Silvia Sage bosses her around and spanks Clare for being weak in the discipline department. She even makes her crawl to get a hairbrush used to spank her bare bottom. But Clare finally grows a backbone when she hears Silvia ratted out Clare’s daughter. Clare puts “soccer mom” Silvia over her knee for a taste of her own medicine.

Both MILFs are wearing plenty of lycra in what look like gym outfits. Clare is wearing little shorts, but Silvia has the fill lycra treatment in lycra yoga pants and tight lycra crop top. Lycra is definitely something we like to see in spanking scenes, especially with usch fine asses as these two ladies have.

Clare returns the favor by baring MILF Silvia Sage's bottom and spanking her back

For these two hot soccer moms spanking each other and plenty more conventional sorority girl spanking action (with nuns and the pledge paddle) check out Spanking Sorority Girls.

Spanking Sorority Girls

Soccer Moms

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanks Clare Fonda OTK with a hard hairbrush

I’ve mentioned this spanking before but it’s not had a whole post to itself so it’s high time we took a good look at this classic spanking featuring Clare Fonda and Chelsea Pfeiffer switching and spanking each other HARD in the same scene.

The basic story is that Clare and Chelsea are soccermoms and one of their sons has been selected for the school team at the expense of the other. Thus they have coffee together and decide to settle things once and for all. Firstly Clare goes over the knee across the sofa and her pale while butt gets a very hard hand spanking then a brutal paddling with the hairbrush… I believe this is one of Clare’s first scenes, it’s certainly an early one, and those tears at the end are real!! But, that’s not all, a twist in the tale and now it’s Chelsea’s turn to get punished and Clare’s chance at revenge…

Clare Fonda gets her revenge and beats Chelsea's ass with the same hairbrush

I LOVE this scene. One of my all-time favorites! It has two spanking superstars in some very hard girl-on-girl spanking, then the spanker is spanked! Having a righteous lady spanking another, then herself getting her own comeuppance is very sexy indeed. Throughout both spankings the two ladies are constantly talking to each other, even when Clare is spanked to tears and she struggles to speak as she sobs. Clare really does seem to get the worst of this encounter but Chelsea gets a hard time too, maybe Clare’s pain tolerance is just a little lower. Very erotic anyways…

The classic “Soccermoms” movie is one of the latest additions to Clare Fonda’s girl-on-girl spanking website…

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