Isis gets Strapped and Caned Naked

Isis Johnson gets Strapped and Caned Naked

Isis Johnson arrives home late dressed improperly and with an “I don’t care” attitude. Without warning she is told to strip totally naked then bend over. Her full, bouncing buttocks are then thrashed hard with a thick, leather strap, followed by a hard caning with the rattan cane. Isis is one of the sexiest girls you will ever see. Her cheeks bounce & quiver with every stroke. Her gasps each time leather or rattan strikes her cheeks fills the room! After her thrashing her vagina is dripping and when she is left alone she urgently rubs her vagina, masturbating feverishly, while her buttocks now covered in welts throb & glow bright red.

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Isis Johnson is a sexy British babe, she’s got a fantastic body that she’s decorated with some piercings and tattoos. I like the way she asks if it’s ok for her to rub her bottom and her pert bottom is perfect as she sticks it right out for the cane.

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Busty Mom spanks Naughty Daughter

Busty mom Rachel Love spanking daughter Ally Ann photos

Just found this gem so thought I’d post it. If there was a fantasy scenario that comes closest to perfection for me, this is probably it… attractive, busty Mom spanking her cute and perky daughter. The hotpants are a bonus.

Rachel Love is the Mom and Ally Ann is playing her daughter, and while it’s a posed-for photo that is a prelude to a mother-daughter threesome the picture is beautiful and very sexy. I like the fact that it’s a very residential, suburban living room setting. The carpets, sofa and decor are neat and tidy while hinting at some luxury. The best thing for me is Rachel Milan, the busty lady is dressed in a casual, yet smart woollen sweater with a short, black skirt and just looks amazing. As does petite, teen pornstar Ally Ann whose little bubble butt is just made for being spanked in those bright pink hotpants.

From a spanking perspective I have to say that it’s not as thorough as you’d probably expect. But, as a spicy prelude to a hardcore threesome in which some lucky guy gets his way with both busty Mom and pretty daughter it’s not bad at all. Especially, as we get to marvel at Rachel Love’s big, natural breasts.


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Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend

Sarah gets the leather paddle with her girlfriend

British amateur housewife, Sarah, is always getting herself in trouble, and the more trouble she gets into the more her MILF bottom is spanked. Sarah and her friend are both in deep trouble and are going to be punished hard and long in “Punish the two“. Sarah’s girlfriend has a big, pale white bottom and she initially tells us that she “doesn’t get spanked”. Unfortunately for her that’s about to change. First the heavy strap, then the senior girls cane is used on their bare bottoms. This is sure to hurt ..

While both ladies are spanked hard it is still Sarah who gets the more punishment because she is seen as the ringleader. Her smaller, pretty bottom certainly looks very spankable and you can certainly understand why the guy would want to linger in her, letting the senior cane thud painfully against her red bottom.

Both ladies are effectively naked, breasts bared and bottoms bared, as the lean forward onto the leather sofa. They get a very thorough spanking in their nude state but I suppose that from their point of view their position leaning forward over the sofa does almost protect their boobs from view, giving them a little humility… until the punishment is over…

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