Punishments Can Happen Anywhere!

Girl gets her bottom bared for a beautiful hard OTK in the kitchen

The strict lady in this movie shows us that not only can spankings happen in the prison and the classroom, they can also happen in a very smart-looking kitchen.

This particular spanker is a fairly short and stocky lady who is always very well turned-out with her hair tied back in the style of an old-fashioned school mistress. As she sits on the chair in the middle of the kitchen she really does look curvy with a large bust and big, round bottom that is accentuated by her tight, black skirt. She also has powerful hands and arms that do admirably at spanking this naughty girl’s bottom.

Initially, the girl is spanked with her knickers on but the style of these knickers does not really give her much protection from the lady’s hard right hand and they are soon yanked down to be given a very long, hard OTK spanking on the bare. It’s a very good-looking scene. The punishment itself is great and the lighting and presentation make it easy to focus on the naughty OTK girl with the bright red bottom.

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Spank Camp

Strict Prison Disciplinary Spankings for Naughty Girls

Strict Prison Disciplinary Spankings for Naughty Girls

I have never been in a women’s prison but I’d like to think that clothing was optional and the discipline was very strict. Much like it is in this strapping and caning in a women’s prison gallery.

Stepping into a fantasy world you would have a place where good-looking but misguided women were sent to a “house of discipline” where they worked during the day in order to pay for their detention and rested at night. Without the luxury of a TV or computer the evenings are a time of eating dinner and talking among themselves and playing games. After the hard work of the day the confined surroundings are often too restrictive for some girls and the playing gets a little wild. The strict Warden is forced to intervene and discipline the rowdy girls.. and.. this is no holiday camp… the punishments will be severe!! When this Warden gives a punishment she does not mess about. The naughty inmates will remember their punishments for some time to come.. she’ll make sure of that..

You can get an idea as to how hard she’s swinging the cane from the photos, to download the girl-girl prison spanking movies go to Spank Camp!

Spanking Website Review: SIT Spanking / Spank Camp

SIT Spanking OTK slippering

Sit Spanking and Spank Camp are interesting because they come together. Both sites are very varied in terms of content. Both sites are all in English as far as I could tell and in the universal language of spankings both are very good and very mixed.

Sit Spanking tends to be domestic spanking scenes. Girls are often spanked by one or more men and struggle a lot as they are held OTK and their bare bottoms spanked. While I could not understand what they were saying it didn’t matter because with all the videos and photos is a text description of the scene in English. Navigation is simple, all the scenes are linked to from one page, and I liked the fact that they each had a thumbnail so I could see a little of the scene before I clicked.

A bad girl gets caned in Spank Camp

Spank Camp has a detention center feel to all the spankings. Some girls are spanked in the cells, others while playing pool or in one of the many rooms of the Camp. Whereas SIT is more about bare bottom OTK, Camp has some hand spanking but is more about the paddle, strap and cane. The misbehaving girls are rounded up and punished for their naughtiness, often by one or more wardens.

The mix of home spankings / corporal punishment is good and anyone liking one or both will have plenty to see. There are plenty of still photos of the spankings and there’s even cameo appearances from spankees such as Chistina. I liked both sites they are both good quality with regular updates and well-worth a look.

SIT Spanking OTK spanking

The SIT Spanking / Spank Camp combo has some great movies that you won’t find anywhere else and the spankings are all made by spanking-lovers and you can tell in the quality of the scenes. I’m going to give the 2 for 1 deal 7 out of 10!

Tables turned on Strict Lady Spanker

Strict Lady spanker tied up and caned

This is a very interesting caning gallery taken from Spank Camp, it shows a very strict lady who normally administers a hard spanking or caning.

When it comes to spanking fantasies this has to be one of the hottest there is. I love the idea of a woman who spanks girls every day getting in trouble herself and given a good spanking. Maybe it was because she’s so ferocious that she had to be restrained in this video, I’m not sure I can even imagine seeing this woman submit to a punishment if her hands weren’t tied. Also, she has two people in the room to cane her, its almost like one person wouldn’t be strong enough to cane her by themselves. As it is she’s tied with her hands above her head so that her slim body is fully on display, and she does have a nice body – all the spankings she gives has obviously kept her very fit.

Listen to her being told off, scolded and caned in the videos at Spank Camp!