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Dani Hunt gets spanked by her landlord

Spanked Cheeks is another website we haven’t taken a look at for a while, but that does not mean they haven’t been spanking! The English spanking website features many spanking models we’re all familiar with, like Leia Ann Woods, Dani Hunt, Lola Marie, Sam Johnson, Jenna Jay and Miss Zoe Page, plus some other European models who we may not have seen in spanking scenes yet, such as European pornstar Tina Kay and big-boobed Hungarian babe, Orsi.

For understandable reasons, busty Orsi is often completely naked in her movies. Here in “Punished Au-Pair“, Orsi has borrowed her employers’ car without permission and rather than being dismissed she agrees to be corporally punished…

Busty Hungarian Orsi gets spanked nude in Punished Au-Pair

And, Orsi can also be seen in the “Taking the Car” and “Offering Extras” scenes where she is also spanked completely nude in both. In fact, going back through the archives there are many naked spankings with beautiful busty Orsi at Spanked Cheeks

Orsi gets spanked completely naked again in Offering Extras

Miss Lina is furious with Amelia Jane Rutherford for getting arrested for drinking and driving in “A Moment of Madness“. To make matters worse, she was also driving her car as well. When they get back home from the station Amelia tries to apologise but Lina is having none of it and soon has Amelia over her knee for a bare bottom spanking. Worse is to follow for Amelia when Lina gets the leather paddles and straps out to administer further punishment to her already sore bottom. Lina only stops when she is satisfied that Amelia has learnt her lesson…

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets spanked and strapped by Miss Lina in A Moment of Madness

Amelia is one of the regulars on Spanked Cheeks and she returns in “Denying Responsibility” where she is spanked by Zoe Page

Amelia Jane Rutherford gets punished by Miss Zoe Page in Denying Responsibility

Also, “Military Discipline” features Sam Johnson and Leia Anne Woods as two ladies who have been found guilty of being absent without leave from the navy. They have opted for unofficial corporal punishment from a senior officer, Miss Lina, rather then it appearing on their records. A humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking is just the start of the punishment. The humiliation continues when they are ordered to remove their skirts and panties so that they can receive further punishment to their already sore bottoms with leather straps and paddles to teach them that in the military you have to obey the rules.

Whereas many English spanking websites have become more Americanized over the years, Spanked Cheeks seems to enjoy being very English. Most of their spanking models are British with a few European beauties such as Orsi and Tina Kay. Fans of Amelia Jane Rutherford, in particular, will definitely enjoy some of their scenes with the leggy blonde. Fans of ebony spanking will enjoy the wealth of scenes they have with Dani Hunt and Lola Marie. You’ll find that the male spankers are different to the ones you’ll find on other spanking websites, which makes for some more variety.

While many of the English spanking models will be familiar to us all, there is definitely a slightly different feel to these spanking movies. In particular, there seems to be much less ageplay than you might find on other websites giving the movies a more grown-up feel to them. Something else to notice about Spanked Cheeks is that while they have plenty of OTK they use a lot of variety of spanking positions with ladies regularly getting spanked standing up and bending over a desk.

You can watch all these scenes and many more by joining Spanked Cheeks!

Spanked Cheeks

Sandy’s Revenge…

MILF Sandy gets her revenge on Erika by spanking and paddling her bottom

Following this punishment spanking where redheaded MILF Sandy gets punished by her blonde friend, there is a role reversal. Like we know from physics every action has an equal and opposite reaction, thus Erika gets dealt the exact same punishment she has dished out to her friend..

Erika’s turn for a spanking gallery

Sandy is in no mood to be lenient after the hard time her bottom has received from her so-called-friend, what is wrong with a little masturbation anyway? If Sandy thinks that her own sore bottom was undeserved she is going to tell Erika, as well as show her how she feels with a hand-spanking and paddling of her own.. Sandy’s reversal of fortune is complete when she slips off the strict redhead’s knickers and discreetly kneels between her open thighs to munch on her horny pussy. Sandy’s pussy was, after all, why this whole punishment started…

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Spanked Cheeks

Erika and Sandy

Blonde Erika spanks mature redhead Sandy

Even older ladies need to be punished and this mature redhead is no exception! When Sandy, the naughty cougar, is caught masturbating she needs to be disciplined! Her blonde friend, Erika, is more than happy to oblige with the punishment and even assists her in undressing by helping her remove her skirt. She takes off her skirt and black, lace knickers so that there is nothing between her milky-white bottom and the strict hand of Erika, who is intent on teaching the naughty lady a strict lesson.

Erika spanks naughty cougar Sandy gallery

After she has begun the lesson with a hard, over-the-knee hand-spanking the punishment moves on to a variety of paddles as the well-dressed blonde really gets down to business on the naughty redhead’s big bottom. Then, as if to thank her friend for dealing with her so properly, Sandy pulls down Erika’s skirt to lick her friend’s sweet pussy. It’s a nice scene and even though these are two experienced ladies there is a kind of innocence about the spanking and pussy-licking that is very refreshing. You can see this and many more British ladies in the spanking movies at…

Spanked Cheeks

Smokin’ Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy

Smokin' Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy

This spanking scene pretty much just needs the title to sum things up! Miss Vixen is, with no word of a lie at all, a very hot babe.. slim, blonde and tanned with some lovely pert breasts. She is petite and sooo beautiful that it is a pleasure to see her show her strict side to deal with her maid, naughty Lucy. Whats more, both ladies are British..

Smokin’ Hot Miss Vixen spanks naughty Lucy gallery

Plenty more movies and photosets of English girls spanking and getting spanked at…

Spanked Cheeks

Behave like a Bitch and you get Spanked

Behave like a Bitch and you get Spanked

When this British woman behaves like a bitch there is only one thing for it.. knickers down and bend over for a firm spanking. This gallery actually features two older ladies and the one who needs to be punished should know better. She’s obviously kinky because she’s wearing a plaid skirt with stockings and tall, black leather boots. When she takes off her skirt she exposes her big British bottom and we can just about see how kinky she is from the tattoo on the small of her back.

It’s a nice scene for anyone who appreciates that older women often need to be punished too. I especially like the way her white knickers remain around her ankles even when she bends over the kitchen table for her paddling. One nice, big, red bottom, two kinky cougars and some hot fetish action. Even though the two ladies are wearing different clothes the spanker’s collar mirrors the lace of the spankee’s stockings.

For more British Spanking check out…

Spanked Cheeks

A Fitness Spanking

A spanking on the elliptical trainer

When this babe commits the cardinal sin of not trying her hardest in her elliptical trainer session her presonal trainer takes it upon himself to dish out a heavy dose of motivation on her lazy ass. Take a look at this spanking whilst exercising gallery.

The workout babe first gets a hand-spanking on her denim training shorts then the shorts come off and she is spanked with fewer and fewer clothes on as she is stripped bare for her continued punishment while still working out on the machine. Finally, naked and sore, the exercise is over and she drapes herself over the machine for a good paddling to complete the session. Ouch.

Watch the full fitness spanking movie at…

Spanked Cheeks

Spanked For Taking Money

Spanked For Taking Money

You know when you see a movie or gallery and your eyes pop out of your head? Well, I guess everyone has a different taste, but this bare bottom spanking gallery had that effect here.

Without telling you what I like (there’s nothing really here to dislike) here’s a description:

An old guy (maybe a grandpa) is spanking a pretty blonde girls money for taking money when she shouldn’t have. First he bends her over and spanks her on her tiny denim hotpants but then he decides that its time to get her really embarrassed and he helps her remove her t-shirt and peel down those tight hotpants. The busty blonde babe is naked except for her high-heels. Her all-natural, untanned body is nothing but pure and the old man is determined to make sure her actions remain pure by teaching her a lesson. With her totally nude he continues to spank her bottom, pulling her ponytail as he slaps her rump. Then, he drives his point home by getting her on all fours and taking the leather paddle to her naughty ass. The finale, is possibly the hottest part: the girl, naked with hands on her head, stands and gets a firm lecture while the old man unashamedly stares at her big boobs before turning her around to examine her rosy red buttocks.

Very hot indeed. Watch the video only at the Exclusive British Spanking website…

Spanked Cheeks

Lesbian Bathtime Spanking

Lesbian Bathtime Spanking

When a sexy lesbian bathtime gets a bit spicy and naughty the suds from the bubble bath start to fly as two big, round bottoms get a wet spanking in the tub.

One of the things I like about Spanked Cheeks is the lovely English girl-girl spanking, of which there is quite a lot. I like the fact that all the girls are cute and I haven’t seen a few of them anywhere else. While this spanking is not as hard as some of the others the blonde MILF, Chris Summers, and her girlfriend make this into a very sensual spanking gallery. Chris Summers and Miss Lina (a very sexy lady who gets spanked and does some nice, hard spanking) are two of my favorite girls from the site, see for yourself at…

Spanked Cheeks

Lazy Babe gets a Good Diaper-position Spanking

Lazy Babe gets a Good Diaper-position Spanking

This hot babe is caught drinking and smoking on the sofa when she has far better things to do. Her remedy for laziness is a good diaper position spanking in today’s gallery.

I like the girl a lot, she looks familiar but I can’t remember her name.. she’s British anyway. She puts down her can of beer and cigarette and is then taken over the knee for a good bare-bottom spanking. I like the quality of the photos here, they really show the spanking at its best. I like the OTK pic of the girl getting her blue panties slapped with one hand behind her back.

After the OTK things start to hot up even more when she girl is spanked in the diaper position then gets the spatula and slipper on her naughty ass. I like the beautiful close-ups of her shaved pussy as she’s lying on her back getting her bum smacked and all the shots are really beautiful.

In this household naughtiness is often rewarded with a stern punishment, you can tell because the wooden spatula has “NOT FOR COOKING” written on the handle!..

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