Niki Flynn’s Classroom Punishment

Niki Flynn sits back down after her spanking with a bare bottom

We’ve not had a Niki Flynn post for a while so this one is well overdue. It’s actually got two pretty big names in the spanking world in it… Niki herself and Elizabeth Simpson. Here, Elizabeth is the teacher and it looks like Niki is doing her detention because she’s the only student* left in the classroom. She’s firstly spanked over the knee, those big, regulation knickers squeezed into her cheeks so that the teacher can see some bare flesh. Eventually the panties are removed entirely and Niki bends over the table for a leather paddle on her bare bottom.

When the paddling is over Niki returns to her desk without her panties and sits down on the wooden chair with her sore bottom sat directly on the cold, hard wood. But that is just the beginning, in gallery 2 she bends over the teacher’s desk again, this time for the cane. This schoolgirl spanking movie can be found on…

Spanked Cutie

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Tied to a Tree and Caned

Sophie is Tied to a Tree and Caned

The garden at the back of Sophie’s house is a spanking paradise. There is so much trouble for a naughty girl to get into and so many places for her to be dealt with in when she’s caught. Here she’s been bad again so it’s pants down in this bare bottomed caning gallery.

She’s been tied to a tree that seems ideally shaped for a caning. Her wrists are tied to two branches that are at just the right height and she’s even getting a little support from the branch that’s just in front of her tummy. Nature seems to have ensured that Sophie is correctly positioned for this outdoor caning. I love the way she can see the fence a short distance in front of her.. that fence is presumably between her house and the neighbors who can probably hear everything that’s going on. Hotness!

See a whole lot of Sophie and the other naughty chicks getting firmly dealt with at…

Spanked Cutie

Sophie’s Over the Desk Punishment

Sophie gets approached by her teacher in the classroom

Since we’ve been talking about the cane quite a bit recently I wanted to post about Spanked Cutie as they have some really amazing canings over there. The canings tend to be good and hard but they stop short of going completely over the top.

This movie features a couple of different scenes with Sophie in. Sophie’s big, round bottom is definitely a site favorite. She may have stopped getting spanked on camera these days, or certainly not as much as she used to, but her videos still make compelling viewing. Here, Sophie’s playing a naughty schoolgirl*, the glasses make her look very different but that bottom is still the same, especially when her white knickers are pulled down for a caning on her bare bum.

Bending over the desk for the cane on her white panties

A lot of Sophie’s spankings are much much harder than this one but this is a nice introduction to Sophie’s big, white booty.

There is lots of stuff I like about Sophie.. I like the fact that she not only takes but also gives out spankings (actually, very hard). I like her voice when she speaks (she doesn’t speak than much compared to some girls), she looks very normal and down-to-earth and I’ve talked about her rear already. Her general girl-next-door with sexy euro accent and the hard punishments all adds up to a mega spanking combo.

There’s a large archive of Sophie’s (sometimes very hard) spankings at..

Spanked Cutie

* We are talking about adults (18+) in this blog post, and all posts on this website.

Sophie spanked Outdoors and in the Bath

Sophie spanked Outdoors and in the Bath

Today we have a double spanking movie gallery featuring Sophie and her arch-nemesis, Shanelle. Sophie should really realise that when it comes to a confrontation between herself and Shanelle there can only be one winner and her bottom will become very sore and painful… yet she continues to misbehave and earn her spankings…

The first two clips are a bathtime paddling and the second two are a naked outdoors paddling with a carpet beater and a very mean-looking thick, wooden paddle. I like any punishment where the girl’s bottom is wet because that is bound to make the spanking more stingy and painful. Outdoors spankings are also a favorite of mine because the possibility of others looking on and observing the spanking, especially when Sophie is completely nude, adds humiliation. You can imagine the next door neighbors looking out from their bedroom window at naughty Sophie as she is thrashed over the garden table.

Spanked Cutie

Sophie: The Spanked Cutie

Shameful naked spanking spread-eagled across the table - pretty girl big tits and ass

After yesterday’s post I realised that we really haven’t featured Sophie as much as her lovely bottom richly deserves. So to make amends here are my favorite Sophie strapping movies.

The first clip has Sophie on the bed in handcuffs with a ballgag in her mouth, she is wearing panties but they are pushed between her ass cheeks so as not to cover her bottom for the strapping. Next, Sophie is totally naked with her legs spread wide bending across the table on tiptoes. Mistress Shanelle is standing menacingly behind her lecturing the poor girl in between painful strikes of the leather strap.

The Spanked Cutie

Spanked Cutie Sophie’s Workout Spanking

Spanked Cutie Sophie is told off during her workout

Sophie is the original Spanked Cutie! She, like Rosaleen Young, is a very cute european beauty with a sweet face and a naughtiness that finds her with her knickers down getting frequent spankings.

The main difference between Sophie and Rosaleen is that while Rosaleen is very vocal and talks back a lot in her high-pitched English accent throughout her spankings, Sophie is more reserved, she talks less and takes her spankings with much less fuss.

But, that’s not to say that she has a higher tolerance of pain or that her spankings are any lighter than the English girl. If anything Sophie tends to get the harder spankings of the two girls. I’ve seen her take some very hard strappings and paddlings.

What I like about any of Sophie’s spanking scenes is that there is always a story behind the spanking. This is a nice example. Sophie is working out in her home with her “personal trainer” but when it looks like she is not trying hard enough the strict trainer decides that some extra encouragement is needed…

Her workout is not going well but Sophie has a cheeky grin

Some instructional swats of the paddle over the jogging bottoms does not seem to do the trick so poor Sophie has to pull them down to be paddled on the bare bum.

When things do not improve its time for some bare ass spanking

Spanking push-ups are a very nice sight to see, especially when the bare-assed babe doing them is cute Sophie. I love her full, curvy butt.

Push-ups and a nice, bare ass lead to delicious spankings
Sophie's hot ass gets a good spanking

But, push-ups are not the only exercise she has difficulty with and so Sophie is paddled during this exercise in a diaper-position…

More diaper position spanking of bare butt Sophie

While this spanking was almost fully-clothed, apart from her bare butt, Sophie has a great body and is often asked to get naked for extra humiliation. She has a pair of gorgeous natural breasts that add to her beauty and the hotness of her spankings. To see the full movies from this photoset and many other spankings for sexy Sophie, join Spanked Cutie!

Long, Hard Spanking gives Teen a Cultural Lesson

Cute white girl with bubble butt learns what is good for her with a long spanking

While this black woman is proud that a white girl should listen to music of the world and embrace other cultures she is horrified when the naughty teen puts up a poster advertising an illegal activity. The beautiful ebony woman has no option but to let the teen know that this is unacceptable under her roof and decides to punish her severely to show her how silly smoking is. Straight away the strong black woman spanks the teen’s tight round bottom loudly with the palm of her big, hard hand. The force of the smacks soon make the delicate white rump a bright pink color, but the proud lady knows that for the lesson to do the arrogant teen any good she will have to first remove the girl’s last shred of diginty and yank those panties down. Once her ass is fully bared the smacks continue with the same force and intensity as before as the busty black woman tries to slap some sense into the girl. Next, she is stripped naked and strapped in the diaper position before finally finishing off with a long nude OTK session and corner time.

The girl contemplates a valuable lesson as she knees facing the corner. Maybe she will think twice before celebrating illegal activities. Watch the harsh bare bottom spanking movies here!