Clare Fonda Interview

Clare Fonda interview @ Spank Place

The latest interview on Spank Place is with spanking Diva and friend-of-the-site, Clare Fonda. It’s a fun and diverse interview with Clare being very honest. She talks about her websites aswell as her position in the spanking community, movies and drugs.

Clare Fonda Interview

Clare is one of the biggest names in Spanking. I like her because she is a sexy cougar who can be very strict with the sexy babes on her site (aswell as men on Clare Spanks Men). Like many of the ladies who’ve been interviewed so far she is multi-talented and acts, directs and produces the scenes on her websites and movies.

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Spanking Interviews

Spank Bad Ass is all about spanking fantasy.. looking and talking about some of the sexy spanking scenes that are available on the web. We started off in November 2006 and since then there have been 662 posts so far, so this will be post #663. So, it’s fun to write here and look at various aspects of spanking movies out there.

At the same time, I was thinking about looking more at what spanking models have to say about the spanking scene and how spankings affect them.

Enter Spank Place! A new blog where we’ll be posting spanking interviews with some famous names you may have seen and heard get spanked in their online scenes.

Interview #1 is with Masie Dee and there will soon be more interviews with some of the biggest names in spanking, as well as some spanking models you may not be so familiar with.

Spanking Interviews

Anyway, if you like spanking interviews the place to check out is Clare Fonda’s Spanked Sweeties where the ladies talk about their spanking experiences then actually get spanked in some very sexy movies.

The vision for Spank Place is that it is more of a factual website. A spanking reference! Hopefully we’ll create something that will be informative and useful for spankers and spankees everywhere.

Masie’s interview is a lot of fun. Masie Dee is a very bubbly and happy person and her answers give a good insight into her own feelings and should be interesting for spank-os and people who are just interested in the kinky world of fetish!

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