Spanking Model Stats

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys statistics you may enjoy these spanking model stats taken from this website over it’s entire duration (10 years or so). So, these are the top 21 spanking models over the ten years in order of the number of times we’ve mentioned them on this website. Just cold hard stats!

  1. Sarah Gregory
  2. Clare Fonda
  3. Veronica Ricci
  4. Kay Richards
  5. Snow Mercy
  6. Amelia Jane Rutherford
  7. Chelsea Pfeiffer
  8. Lana
  9. Madison Martin
  10. Katherine St. James
  11. Dana Specht
  12. Spanking Sarah
  13. Pixie
  14. Christy Cutie
  15. Alison Miller
  16. Samantha Woodley
  17. Koko Kitten
  18. Miss Chris
  19. Chloe Elise
  20. Leia Ann Woods
  21. Sinn Sage

Readers could maybe have guessed at the top 5, but for me there are some surprises. There are some models who I didn’t think I’d talked that much about, and there are others who I thought would have been higher than they are.

Because it’s taken over the 10 years, this really is a list of some of the most hard-working models over that time. There will be very famous spanking models we haven’t featured as heavily as maybe they deserved.

Plenty of spanking models have come and gone in that time. Most of the list was not filming spanking 10 years ago, I believe. I like that it’s quite a diverse range of spanking models from the USA/UK that includes those famous for being dommes: Dana Specht, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Snow Mercy and Miss Chris… those famous for purely being spankees: Pixie and Amelia Jane Rutherford… and all the rest, who you could say are probably known equally well for giving and receiving.

Readers will know that we love ladies who switch, so the fact that most, if not all, of the ladies here have done at least some switching may reflect our tastes somewhat.

We stretched the top 20 slightly to fit Sinn Sage onto the list, but there are plenty more big names just outside the top 20. For example, Maitresse Madeline, Dane Kane and Veronica Bound, three ladies are are best well-known for being on top but who have occasional appeared as a bottom, are all in the top 30 along with the likes of Casey Calvert, Lily Anna and Missy Rhodes.

It’s going to be interesting how this list will look in another 10 years time. Sarah Gregory is going from strength to strength so I think she may still be top in another 10 years, but there will probably be a whole lot of names who we’ve never heard of yet.

I hope you found my top list of spanking models interesting.

EDIT: There is an updated “All-Time Top 10” list on Top 10 Spanking Model Stats 2016.

Hairy Pussy Paddling

Satine Spark is in trouble with Sarah Stern

Blonde amateur with a nice body and firm bottom, Satine Spark, also has a hairy pussy that gets displayed in this nude spanking. Sarah from the Spanking Sarah website is going by the name of Sarah Stern here and it is she who delivers the hard paddling to the gorgeous blonde amateur from England.

Satine's blonde pubic hair is visible through her spanked bare bottom cheeks

Satine Spark had to endure a spanking because she came to make a hairy pussy sex and glamour film with marks on her bottom. After the spanking she said she may like to make a spanking film and that is why Sarah Stern is about to give this naughty young beauty the paddling of her life. Satine is naked as she bends over to take the full hard paddling on her bottom with the nastiest paddles Sarah can find!

Satine Spark shows off her bushy hairy pussy after her paddling

For more kinky British spanking storylines like this from England, often with uniforms and some sexual behaviour thrown in, take a look at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah


Nurse Molly Malone accuses Aleesha Fox of stealing the pills from work

In the first part of “The School of Nursing” Sarah spanked two nurses Molly Malone and Aleesha Fox after some medication went missing from the dispensary. Molly knows that she did not steal the pills herself, so Aleesha must be the culprit. The second part sees Molly determined to make Aleesha and making her get to the truth by spanking it out of her. She bares Aleesha’s bottom and sets about beating the truth out of her with a number of very painful implements. Among the implements at Molly’s disposal are wicked ruler and a wooden backed clothes brush.

Molly spanks Aleesha Fox's big bare bottom to make her admit the theft

With one nurse spanking another this is a nice scene for anyone who likes ladies in uniform. There are some lovely close-up shots of Aleesha’s round bottom and very sexy undies worn by Molly under her nurse’s uniform.

For more kinky spanking dramas like this from England, often with uniforms like these two nurse outfits or maid’s uniforms, take a look at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

Bare Ass Caning

Sarah's close-up bare bottom caning

There’s nothing quite like a close-up ass picture! The photo above is Sarah of Spanking Sarah bending over with her big, round bottom proudly awaiting the next stroke of the cane. In fact, as you can see, this is quite some way into the caning and Sarah’s big bottom is already quite marked.

Sarah and Katie have conspired to win the dining competition and have witnessed the caning of Amelia Jane Rutherford who they blamed for messing up the dinner. The production company looked back at some of the video they shot and now the day of reckoning comes. There plot has now been exposed and the irate victim of their nasty behavior decides to hand out his own form of punishment. Both these ladies have to bend over and in turn they are spanked an then caned extremely hard on their bare bottoms.

You can see more of Sarah’s bottom getting punished and see her and the dommes spanking plenty of other English and British bottoms, large and small, including Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake and many other famous names at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

Lola Marie

Sarah starts off spanking ebony Lola Marie over her hot pink shorts
Sarah starts off spanking ebony Lola Marie over her hot pink shorts

It’s always too long since we had a nice ebony spanking scene so for me this scene with Lola Marie is long overdue.

Lola is pretty with a nice body and a poppin’ ebony booty. She is a very polite English lady who has done some glamour modeling, fashion modeling and artistic nudes but nothing like bondage or spanking in the past. This is her first time getting spanked on camera by Sarah. Sarah interviews her and introduces her to some implements, some of which were sent to her by members of her website. After a few slaps of the strap over her hand Lola announces that she has quite thick skin. Sarah agrees after a few hard smacks over her shorts hardly has any effect at all. It’s only when the shorts come down that sexy Lola starts to feel the spanking. With her panties further up her bottom Sarah is able to spank Lola’s chocolate booty. Even though she is not spanking any harder than before, now Lola can really feel that she’s being spanked and we can see too because that round, brown bottom is turning quite red. With the spanking finally taking place the polite ebony model scrunches her face up as the stinging in her behind starts to kick in…

With her shorts pulled down Lola has less protection over her bottom and she really starts to feel the spanking
With her shorts pulled down Lola has less protection over her bottom and she really starts to feel the spanking

Lola’s firm, round ebony booty really is incredible, quite a bubblebutt! To see the full interview and first ever spanking scene with Lola Marie and plenty of other English and British babes spend some time with Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

Darcy Grey at the House of Correction

Darcy Grey strips naked for a body search and spanking from Katie

A brand new series starring Katie (AKA Katy Didit), Sarah, Mr. Stern and some really great spanking ladies. In this first episode Darcy Grey reports for her first day at the house of correction and is soon disabused of the idea that her stay will be a holiday. After being made to strip she is given a body search and then gets an introductory spanking as she is bent over the punishment stool. Katy makes the perfect governess for this strictly run establishment and knows just how to dish out a painful spanking to a young girls bared bottom.

Darcy Grey gets spanked naked over the punishment stool gallery

Darcy Grey gets spanked naked over the punishment stool

If you like suburban British Spanking or you like English accents it’s well-worth checking out the amateur hardcore and spanking at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

Krystal Klas

Krystal Klas gets paddled naked OTK

Here are a couple of scenes featuring brand new amateur spanking model, Krystal Klas. She looks kinda average and doesn’t exactly sparkle infront of the camera but she’s super skinny and a must-see if you like very thing girls…

Krystal wanted to be spanked when she came to see me, she had never been spanked before and really did not know if she could take the hard spanking that I always dish out. She wanted to play the part of a sexy model and that’s just what we did for her introduction to the world of spanking. After showing off her slim tiny body she was soon over the knee for a real hard spanking, just see how she took it.

Krystal Klas gets her first ever OTK spanking

Krystal's follow-up spanking takes things further with more paddle and the cane

Krystal has just had her first spanking and is feeling pretty pleased with herself, but in this story she gets to be punished by Sarah and as we know Sarah does like to lay it on a bit. Never mind that this is Krystal’s first time she us subject to the same rules, so she is soon bent over being paddled and then caned, not only on her bottom but her hands get to feel the whippy cane as well.

Amateur spanking model Krystal Klas gets her second spanking, paddling and caning from Sarah

Over these two scenes the slender newbie gets spanked naked in all kinds of positions including over the knee and the diaper position. She’s pretty quiet in the beginning but she certainly lets you see how she’s feeling from the spanking with some very deliberate reactions from the cane, especially. And it’s a must for anyone who likes a spankee to be rake thin… Krystal is very thin indeed.

If you like suburban British Spanking or you like English accents it’s well-worth checking out the amateur hardcore and spanking at Spanking Sarah!

Spanking Sarah

Jessica Jensen

Porn model Jessica Jensen relaxes with cigarette and a glass of wine in the bath

Jessica Jensen works hard all day as a naughty porno model and when she gets home she loves nothing better than having a soak in the bath with a cigarette and a glass of wine. This is not the sort of behaviour favoured by her guardian who makes his displeasure felt in the most painful way. He gives this glamorous young lady a real hard spanking on her still wet bottom and despite her protestations he continues until her tender bottom is well and truly beaten…

Sexy, blonde pornstar, Jessica Jensen gets spanked by her guardian for drinking and smoking

Jessica's guardian punishes her nude in the bathtub on her bare bottom

You can see this update right now, along with plenty more kinky British spankings mixed in with some amateur hardcore and blowjobs at Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

Kiki gets the Cane!

Kiki gets her firm, round bottom spanked by Sarah's paddle

Kiki thinks she is alone as she spanks and plays with herself on webcam for her boyfriend. BUT, teacher Sarah returns and catches her and is determined to teach her a real lesson. Naked she is first of all paddled and then made to stand and bend over whilst Sarah delivers a full force caning to her bare bottom. Poor Kiki takes a real hard caning, no mercy shown here.

Kiki gets caned by Sarah gallery

Kiki sticks her pert, round bottom out for Sarah's cane

Kiki is very sexy indeed with a nice round bottom and a tight, curvy body with nice tan and tattoo piece down her back. Whether she’s lying on the bed with her bubble butt protruding up in the air, or touching her toes for the cane her butt is very spankable. I even like her hair tied up in bunches and her little white socks.

You can see this update right now, along with plenty more kinky British spankings mixed in with some amateur hardcore and blowjobs at Spanking Sarah.

Spanking Sarah

Three Naughty Ladies

Sexy Kiki strips naked and spanks herself for her boyfriend

Kiki is out on a trip to a stately home with her school, when they go off she decides to have some fun on an antique bed. She calls her boyfriend on her phone and after removing her uniform plays with her body for him to look via his mobile. She then decides to spank and paddle her bottom for him, she bends over showing everything and gives herself a real hard whacking exciting herself and her boyfriend. This beautiful young girl paddles her own bottom til its bright red.

MILF Sarah bends over for the cane on the bare

English MILF Sarah opens her toy bags for you to see some of her favourite and least favourite spanking and CP instruments, her ‘toys’. A wicked looking riding crop comes out first, not a thing she likes but should we take note of that? depends how naughty she is. Next a full length heavy dragon cane, this one really stings and so Sarah has to bend over, bottom bare and take a real caning, no holding back on this lovely bottom, just a good full force whacking.

Leia Ann Woods gets paddled on the bare bottom

In the second part of The Prisoner Leia Ann Woods has to face her probation officer knowing she has an escaped prisoner in the house. He suspects that she is up to something but is not quite sure. The arrangement he has with Leia Ann involves corporal punishment, to help keep her out of trouble and he thinks that now would be a good time to apply his strap and paddle to Leia Ann’s bottom. She removes her clothes and bends over for a no mercy whacking on the bare bottom.

All three of these updates come from Spanking Sarah where you can join now to watch the full movies and much more British spanking action.

Spanking Sarah