St Andrew’s Cross Punishment

Lily Swan is ready for the final stage of her sorority initiation - a nude paddling on the St Andrew's Cross

Lily Swan is joining a sorority and she’s at the final stage of her initiation in “Lily’s Initiation Spanking“. Sorority sister, Sarah Gregory, is conducting the initiation and tells Lily to get naked. She then shows her how she must stand with her legs apart and her hands above her head on the St Andrew’s Cross.

Sarah first gives her a hand spanking to warm her bare bottom up

We’ve talked about “spanking positions” recently in this post. This is another, slightly unusual spanking position that is much more commonly seen in BDSM. The sub would normally be fixed to the cross but here nude Lily must have the self-control to stay in position without restraints while Sarah spanks her bare bottom. She does very well indeed considering the punishment she’s receiving and the fact that she’s so exposed. Lily has a nice, pert round bottom that looks fantastic as it gets redder and redder on the cross…

Sarah Gregory paddles nude Lily Swan with the sorority paddle on the St Andrew's Cross

This looks like a high quality St Andrew’s Cross. It has padding in the middle section and the dark, varnished wood makes it look very attractive. You can imagine something similar being used in a medieval dungeon in a castle (without the padding).

Lily reports to the “punishment room” at the sorority house to take her paddling and officially become a sister.

The highlight here has to be the two ladies. Sarah Gregory is wearing a tight-fitting outfit with low-cut top, and Lily Swan is completely nake. Sarah’s expertise, Lily’s hot body and ability to take the punishment make this scene one to watch, especially if you like alternatives to OTK.

Lily Swan's pert round bare bottom gets a good paddling

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