No Time for a Bake Sale!

Stacy Burke spanks Jewell Marceau for not helping out with this year's bake sale

Spanking is sexy, but sometimes what is more sexy than the actual spanking itself is the story behind the spanking, the reasons for it all. Today we have a sexy MILF-on-MILF spanking with two lovely ladies, Stacy Burke and Jewell Marceau, a sofa and a very mean-looking hairbrush. The two ladies are both good-looking and smart but Stacy has gone for the tight blouse that is half-unbuttoned to reveal her sexy cleavage.

In “No Time for a Bake Sale!” two moms are discussing the upcoming bake sale of the local school. It soon becomes apparent that Jewell is not going to be able to help out as she did last year due to her work commitments. Stacy is outraged, now she’s going to have to make all the phonecalls and do all the organizing herself. When Jewell is unsympathetic and starts to give her some sarcasm the MILF starts to get really angry. Jewell had accused her of doing nothing all day but that’s not true, Stacy decides to show her how she sometimes has to deal with naughty ladies on her sofa. Taking her bitchy friend by surprise, Jewell takes a tight grip of her wrist and drags her over her knee on the sofa.

The spanking gets serious when Stacy starts with the hairbrush

But when Jewell threatens to tell the PTA of the school about the kind of things Stacy gets up to in her livingroom the tables are turned. Stacy likes to think of herself as a respectable member of the community and she does not want her name dragged through the mud. Luckily, Jewell has a solution and a way for her to get her own back. She drags Stacy over her lap and dishes out to her what she has just received, a good spanking.

When the tables are turned the MILFs swap places and it's Jewell that gives Stacy a good spanking

This is a very sexy, all-girl spanking, especially if you like smart and busty MILFs. If you recognise the livingroom it’s because it belongs to Chelsea Pfeiffer. And that means you can download the full movie right now only at Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking!

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