Wooden Spoon Spanking in the Kitchen

Star Nine intimidates petite Alyssa Reece in the kitchen

Chaos in the Kitchen” features two spanking models who have become fan favorites over recent months. Star Nine is the strict brunette switch in the black shorts and Alyssa Reece is the shorter girl in the pink shorts and all-over tan. Both ladies are beautiful (Alyssa is also a glamour model), but there is nothing glamorous about going over the knee as Alyssa is starting to learn.

Star Nine returns to the sorority and is intimidating petite Alyssa Reece in the kitchen. She sits on a stool and puts Alyssa, the curvy bottomed pledge, over her knee. After a hand spanking her pink shorts are pulled down and she gets a further punishment on her bare bottom with the hand and the wooden spoon.

Spoons are similar to spatulas in that they are often the first thing that comes to hand in a kitchen spanking scene, but whereas a spatula is more flexible with a greater surface area, wooden spoons sometimes seem too small to give a proper spanking. There will be many people all over the land who can attest to their powers, though. Star soon has Alyssa’s bottom bouncing to the tune of the spoon as she gives the naughty sorority pledge a painful wooden spoon spanking…

Star Nine spanks Alyssa Reece over the knee with a wooden spoon

Alyssa’s bottom certainly looks very pretty after her wooden spoon spanking, especially with her hot pink shorts and panties emphasizing the redness of her buttocks.

Star Nine spanks Alyssa Reece with a wooden spoon in Chaos in the Kitchen – gallery

Alyssa Reece's bare bottom after the wooden spoon spanking

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Jenna Sativa’s Life Coach

Jenna Sativa goes to meet her new life coach, Star Nine

There is a brand new spankee at Girl Spanks Girl… and she’s called Jenna Sativa! This sexy and petite Latina is cute as a button and looks amazing in her figure-hugging black dress and knee-high black leather boots.

The storyline for this scene is that Jenna is a little brat who hires a life coach who turns out to be dominant and spanks her naughty little bottom for her brattiness. The concept of a strict life coach to a strong independent woman who gives disciplinary spankings to help keep the client on the right path is very sexy. It might not work so well if the client was submissive or downtrodden but if the woman is strong or, as is the case here, bratty, it can be a very sexy scenario.

Star Nine is perfect as a beautiful, strict life coach with a twist. The twist is that as well as spanking her charge, she also fucks her with a strapon and then allows herself to be spanked in return so that she earns her bonus…

Strict life coach pulls sexy Latina Jenna Sativa over her knee

Star Nine has been hired to be the very bratty Jenna Sativa’s life coach. Jenna has never been spanked and lacks discipline, so Star’s first task is to teach her some. She dominates the young lady by spanking her over her knee right in her office, then making her write how she will improve on the board, then introducing her to the strap-on. But when Star finds out her bonus relies on Jenna giving her a good review, she must submit to a spanking from the feisty young latino.

Jenna Sativa gets a good old fashioned over the knee hand spanking on her bare bottom

Super cute Jenna gets a nicely reddened bottom at the end of this scene before giving it back to the life coach. Both ladies are hot with lovely bubble butts and there’s some nice lesbian kissing and lesbian sex with the strapon. Can’t wait to see much more of sexy little Jenna Sativa (and also Star who seems to keep looking better and better with time). There are more preview photos in the gallery!

You can see much more story-based hard spankings of sexy ladies including the Exclusive Education classroom spanking movies at Girl Spanks Girl!

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Poppy learns that she is to be spanked on the bed

Spanked Sweeties is one of the longest running websites around. Over the years it has featured many of the earliest scenes of ladies who have gone on to be spanking household names. It has really gone from strength to strength over the years, adding more and more models, whilst the quality of the content has improved along with technology.

The scenes tend to be re-enactments of domestic discipline scenes that may have actually happened, so the emphasis is definitely on punishment as opposed to play. Each sweetie gives an interview where she describes past spankings and her feelings about being spanked.

Some of the best sweeties have been ladies who are still spanked through their work as a spanking model or because they enjoy getting spanked. But, there are also plenty of models who may have been spanked growing up but who’s first encounter with over-the-knee discipline in a number of years comes to quite a shock to the system. I remember one model in particular who said she was spanked hard and often in the past, so the expectation was that she would have a high tolerance and be able to take a lot of punishment. However, as I recall, after only a handful of smacks this lady was wriggling and reacting a lot to each slap with a red face and reddening bottom.

That’s the thing with a harder, punishment-style spanking as opposed to a playful, lighter spanking. Whereas there may be reactions with a lighter spanking it’s a different kind of reaction. If a naughty model is getting spanked hard enough to test their limits you can see something in their face which cannot be duplicated.

The latest sweetie, Poppy, is a pretty brunette with short hair and a lip piercing. She was spanked often when growing up and has since become a fetish model working in a dungeon as a professional submissive. With all this experience of getting her bottom smacked Poppy is very candid in her interview. She talks about the kinds of things she would get spanked for and how she would be spanked. Then, it’s time to act a couple of those spankings out!

Poppy gets a hard OTK spanking on her bare cheeks

Poppy gets a hard OTK spanking on her bare cheeks

Poppy was actually spanked with the belt so she is here too, plus there is a wooden spoon and a switch that she hand-picks from the garden in a brief intermission in the middle of one spanking. And she gets quite a hard time, as you can see from the hand-print left in her red bottom…

The spanking is so hard that a handprint is left in Poppy's red bottom

Poppy gets an OTK paddling with a wooden spoon in the living room, a spanking with the belt while bending over the bath tub and an OTK spanking on the bed then a switching on her very sore bottom. To see all this and the interview, plus the full archive of naughty ladies, sign up at Spanked Sweeties or you can join as a part of Clare Fonda Pass!

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Cheyenne’s Initiation

Sorority Sheriff Star Bound applies the wooden hairbrush to pledge Cheyenne Jewel's bare bottom for her initiation

Star Bound is the new sheriff at the sorority and she is going after Pledge Cheyenne Jewel, who missed the big sorority pledge. Star puts Cheyenne over her knee for a sound hand spanking, followed by hairbrush, then 11 with a wooden paddle so that Cheyenne can now feel initiated with a nice, sore bottom. While the pledge paddle is not used here, Star makes good use of the smaller wooden implements on Cheyenne’s lovely bottom.

Cheyenne's sorority initiation continues with a wooden paddle spanking

By the end of this very nice girl-on-girl scene Cheyenne’s big, round bottom looks fantastic as she walks up the stairs having been well-spanked…

Sorority Sheriff Star Bound applies the wooden hairbrush and paddle to pledge Cheyenne Jewel’s bare bottom for her initiation

After her initiation Cheyenne walks up the stairs showing off her well-spanked bottom

At Spanking Sorority Girls there’s plenty of nice hard spankings, often with the pledge paddle. You can watch all the other the new pledges get initiated and begin their sorority life in recent updates. This amazing website is a part of the best spanking multi-site network on the web… Clare Fonda Pass!

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