Two strippers, one knee…

Two naughty stripclub dancers get an OTK spanking

Sarah Gregory and Theresa have gotten into a fight on stage at the strip club where they work. They are called into the bosses office the next day and fired for their outlandish behavior. They protest and say how much they love the club. The boss comes up with another plan knowing that he promised the other girls these two brats would be punished. He will show these two bratty strippers that fighting in the strip club and not following rules leads to a very sore and well spanked bottom.

Sarah Gregory faces the wall with a sore bottom while Theresa takes her turn over the knee

Two naughty stripclub dancers get an OTK spanking gallery

The naughty, bratty girls are the ones who need the spankings the most and here it is no different with Sarah and Theresa playing two bratty strippers. Putting aside the fact that they work in such a place as a stripclub, these two need a punishment for their behaviour. Each wearing their skimpy work garments, which are nothing more than bikinis, the two ladies are taken one-by-one over the club owners knee for a hard bare bottom spanking. Then, when both ladies have already been soundly spanked and have nice red bottoms, they are lined up against the wall and told to bend over so that they are side by side for the finale of this humiliating punishment. With their costumes around their ankles the two ladies are finished off with some hard swats to their sore bottoms. The two do not know whether to look at each other or to look back at their bottoms as the owner’s hand swings down…

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