Busty Hardcore Spanking

Suzie Sun bratting her man to fuck her

Suzie Sun is a brand new big-boobed pornstar from the Czech Republic. Being still very new the curvy 22-year-old has done less than a handful of scenes, but this is one of them. It’s a busty hardcore spanking where the gorgeous model with natural 34F breasts distracts her man from his business in order to have sex. There isn’t much spanking here but there is a brief OTK on the bed before things really start to hot up.

On her knees in front of Steve, Suzie Sun wants to go shopping. Steve is busy doing business on the phone. Nothing distracts Suzie from her goals. She has two hobbies. Shopping and sex and not in that order. While Steve is talking, perky little busty pixie Suzie stares at him, unzips his fly, takes his cock out of his pants and swallows it down. She takes the phone out of his hand, tells his business partner that Steve is busy, hangs up and goes back to studiously sucking his cock. Business can wait. When Suzie wants dick, she gets it. Suzie’s suck-off gets Steve moving.

Big-boobed Czech beauty Suzie Sun gets a Busty Hardcore Spanking on the bed

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