Violet October

New Sweetie Violet October with mom, Clare Fonda

Violet October is a famous spanking model in her own right, who we’ve seen quite a lot of already, but here she gets the Spanked Sweeties treatment. One of the main reasons why this is a good thing is that not only do we get to see the sexy and petite blonde in some more spanking scenes that are based on real life, but we also get to see her interview where she talks about spanking.

It turns out Violet was spanked quite often by her mom and grandpa, so here we see her mom, played by Clare Fonda, dishing out a dose of discipline…

New Sweetie Violet October with mom, Clare Fonda

Violet is very petite, meaning that she is definitely among the slimmer of the spanking models out there, because of this she has this tiny little bubble butt. If you give a small bottom with not much padding the same punishment as a larger bottom with plenty of padding, which one will come off worst? That’s right! Violet gets quite an over the knee spanking from mom, Clare, who flips her dress up and pulls down her panties to make sure her bare bottom is well-spanked and very red…

New Sweetie Violet October with mom, Clare Fonda

Violet October was spanked often by her mom and grandpa (who actually made her pick her own switch once) and she gives an excellent, detailed interview. Clare Fonda plays her mom and spanks her and uses the belt on Violet’s pert bottom. The Grandpa switching is also re-enacted.

But that’s not all! Violet has obviously been very naughty because mom has grabbed the leather belt! Violet is used to being spanked in real life and as a spanking model, but is she ready for the leather belt on her very sore bottom?

New Sweetie Violet October with mom, Clare Fonda

Violet October is a sexy, slim spanking model with a few nice tattoos and dyed hair that is a silvery peroxide blonde. She is tiny and has one of the smallest little butts that perfectly frames her shaved pussy when she is lying across a spanker’s lap or bending over, as she does for the belt.

Watch Violet’s interview and her real-life domestic discipline scenarios acted out with the belt and grandpa’s switch only at Spanked Sweeties!

Spanked Sweeties

Big-boobed Bondage …and Spanking!

Alura Jensen spanks Janice Griffith before she is tied up in Big-boobed Bondage

Beautiful Whores” on Sex and Submission features huge-boobed MILF Alura Jensen and Janice Griffith. At the beginning Alura spanks sexy schoolgirl Janice over her knee with her big boobs rolling around as she spanks school girl ass. Then, busty MILF Alura goes from spanker to submissive as she is tied up and tormented in big-boobed bondage!

Alura Jensen is a beautiful, big breasted heiress desperate to keep her inheritance.

It’s not the best scene on the website by any means, but if you like the idea of seeing a sexy big-boobed MILF in bondage and having rough anal sex it’s worth checking out. The fact that Alura has such big enhanced boobs means that they can be tied up in all manner of ways, which they are as she is restrained and punished all over the bedroom.

The scene also features Janice Griffith, who is not in the entire scene but makes a short cameo on the receiving end of a spanking. We didn’t recognise it was her at first, she looks very different from how she used to look in this post.

Watch this full scene and see much more hardcore sex and rough bondage and spanking (generally M/F but with some F/F, as here) at Sex and Submission.

Sex and Submission

Top Domme

Snow Mercy slaps Bella Bathory's face in Top Domme

Here we have another brand (spanking) new model in her first ever spanking scene. Bella Bathory takes on Snow Mercy for the title of America’s Top Domme but there can be only one winner and the tall brunette schools the relative newcomer giving her a lesson in bondage. She strips the curvy blonde until she is pretty much naked, then handcuffs her so that her wrists are above her head and she is completely exposed for a whipping with the flogger…

Bella Bathory is tied up and whipped by Snow Mercy in Top Domme

So, this scene starts out with some BDSM, but progresses into more of a spanking punishment. There is some OTK hand-spanking, some caning, paddling and the riding crop. This is a long, hard scene, as you’ll see from the state of Bella’s buttocks by the end. They are a deep red color and marked from the cane.

Bella Bathory gets paddled in her first ever spanking scene

Bella Bathory is a lovely blonde domme who is accustomed to giving spankings, but here she gets spanked for the first time on camera in a spanking scene. And, Miss Snow Mercy makes sure it’s a scene to remember. There will be much more from Bella on the Clare Fonda Pass including a Femdom scene out now on Clare Spanks Men, and she’s sure to return to Girl Spanks Girl to dish out some punishment to some sexy ladies.

Girl Spanks Girl

Tiny Spankee: Persephone Adams

Tiny spankee Persephone Adams about to go over Clare Fonda's knee

Persephone Adams is the latest sweetie on Spanked Sweeties and she is a tiny spankee in every way!

If there is a typical spanking model it is probably a lady between 18 and 25 with a big, round bottom. While there are often porn stars on many spanking websites (especially the Clare Fonda Pass sites) it tends to be the curvier big breasted porn stars and glamour models we see going OTK.

Not only is Persephone very short at around 5’0″, she is also very slim and petite indeed! In these two scenes she looks very small indeed compared with Clare Fonda, who is not exactly huge. Luckily for us the one part of Persephone that is slightly rounder than the rest is her bottom. Clare takes full advantage of this fact and spanks her little bottom OTK with her hand, and even a training shoe.

Clare Fonda spanks petite Persephone OTK on the couch

These scenes are all based on real-life events. Persephone re-enacts some actual experiences she had growing up. Because of this there is some mouth-soaping and she even gets caned with a switch. She bends over the couch for the caning, kneeling on the floor she looks smaller still…

Tiny spankee Persephone Adams kneels bent over for the cane

Another tiny spankee on the Clare Fonda Pass sites is beautiful blond porn star Aaliyah Love, and many of the glamour models and porn stars can be very slim, although very few are as slender as Persephone.

See Clare Fonda punish tiny spankee Persephone Adams and watch her spanking interview at Spanked Sweeties. They really have a very broad range of spanking models, it’s not all glamourous beauties… tall, short, slim, curvy. Every girl talks about her real-life experiences growing up and getting punished by family members and neighbors, then she acts out some particular punishments for your enjoyment.

Spanked Sweeties


Poppy learns that she is to be spanked on the bed

Spanked Sweeties is one of the longest running websites around. Over the years it has featured many of the earliest scenes of ladies who have gone on to be spanking household names. It has really gone from strength to strength over the years, adding more and more models, whilst the quality of the content has improved along with technology.

The scenes tend to be re-enactments of domestic discipline scenes that may have actually happened, so the emphasis is definitely on punishment as opposed to play. Each sweetie gives an interview where she describes past spankings and her feelings about being spanked.

Some of the best sweeties have been ladies who are still spanked through their work as a spanking model or because they enjoy getting spanked. But, there are also plenty of models who may have been spanked growing up but who’s first encounter with over-the-knee discipline in a number of years comes to quite a shock to the system. I remember one model in particular who said she was spanked hard and often in the past, so the expectation was that she would have a high tolerance and be able to take a lot of punishment. However, as I recall, after only a handful of smacks this lady was wriggling and reacting a lot to each slap with a red face and reddening bottom.

That’s the thing with a harder, punishment-style spanking as opposed to a playful, lighter spanking. Whereas there may be reactions with a lighter spanking it’s a different kind of reaction. If a naughty model is getting spanked hard enough to test their limits you can see something in their face which cannot be duplicated.

The latest sweetie, Poppy, is a pretty brunette with short hair and a lip piercing. She was spanked often when growing up and has since become a fetish model working in a dungeon as a professional submissive. With all this experience of getting her bottom smacked Poppy is very candid in her interview. She talks about the kinds of things she would get spanked for and how she would be spanked. Then, it’s time to act a couple of those spankings out!

Poppy gets a hard OTK spanking on her bare cheeks

Poppy gets a hard OTK spanking on her bare cheeks

Poppy was actually spanked with the belt so she is here too, plus there is a wooden spoon and a switch that she hand-picks from the garden in a brief intermission in the middle of one spanking. And she gets quite a hard time, as you can see from the hand-print left in her red bottom…

The spanking is so hard that a handprint is left in Poppy's red bottom

Poppy gets an OTK paddling with a wooden spoon in the living room, a spanking with the belt while bending over the bath tub and an OTK spanking on the bed then a switching on her very sore bottom. To see all this and the interview, plus the full archive of naughty ladies, sign up at Spanked Sweeties or you can join as a part of Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanked Sweeties

Christy’s Revenge Spanking on Sarah

Christy Cutie's spanking revenge on Sarah Gregory

We’re back to spanking today and Sarah Gregory is back in a lovely scene with equally beautiful Christy Cutie on Spanking Sorority Girls!

Pledge Christy Cutie was spanked by Senior Sister Sarah Gregory before the big pledge. But now Christy is threatening to tell on Sarah, who wasn’t supposed to do that. Sarah agrees to take a spanking from Christy if she doesn’t tell. This was Christy’s first time spanking someone, and she is a fast learner who can spank hard.

Often when we see ladies for the first time they are spankees, especially the younger models. Also, if she is a fetish models she may have come to spanking porn through spanking parties where she’ll have wanted to be spanked and everyone (or certainly a lot of people) will have wanted to spank her. So, coming straight from that environment into a place where it’s ok for a cutie to spank another cutie can be a big step for the spanking enthusiast ladies.

Even though we’ve seen plenty of her already Christy Cutie is still relatively new to us here at Spank Bad Ass but, as her name suggests, she’s very cute and we’ve loved what we’ve seen so far. In fact, the pretty brunette is everything we like in a spanking model with her good looks, sexy curves and big bottom, so we’re very pleased she’s taken to doing the spanking too.

As in this scene, there is something very sexy about a lady giving a spanking to another lady then it transpiring that she was wrong so the spanker becomes the spankee. That’s exactly what happens in this scene as Christy is getting revenge on Sarah for a previous episode.

Christy’s Revenge Spanking on Sarah Gregory – gallery

Plenty more of Christy Cutie please!

You can watch all the pledges, sisters and even nuns get spanked at Spanking Sorority Girls. This amazing website is a part of the best spanking multi-site network on the web… Clare Fonda Pass!

Spanking Sorority Girls

Pixie spanks Lily Anna

Pixie spanks Lily Anna OTK

Finally!! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Pixie topping in a scene, maybe she has but my memory is going, either way, I was very excited indeed on seeing the above photo where Pixie is dealing very firmly with Lily Anna in “Sister’s Authority”.

Pixie looks fantastic in this scene! She looks very slim indeed and has breasts – two things you wouldn’t normally notice when she is the bottom. With my love of switches I am very happy indeed as Pixie proves that she has what it takes to give a hard spanking. Lily Anna struggles over her lap getting her full bottom spanked into a very deep pink color as she complains about her bare bottom punishment.

Pixie gleefully spanks Lily Anna for coming home past curfew, but although she was left in charge by Mom, she didn’t have the authority to dish out discipline.

…so the scene is set, enticingly, for a further spanking to follow this one…

To see more of what Pixie is famous for – RECEIVING a spanking – and, of course, to see her spank Lily Anna, go to Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Amy gets spanked and fucked!

Amy gets spanked and fucked!

Amber Dawn is a very kinky and sexy redhead who is often stripped naked and spanked herself, but she also spanks her girlfriends too. Amy is one of Amber’s girlfriends and here she gets spanked and fucked by the strict redheaded switch! It’s a very sexy nude lesbian spanking scene and I particularly like some of the angles in the movie, such as this one, above. Amber really gets to grips with cute Amy’s lovely bottom and she is not afraid to spank her as hard as she can. It’s a luscious gallery with lots of reds (the bedsheets, Amber’s hair and Amy’s red bottom) as well as the paler colours in the wallpaper and the skin tone of the two ladies giving this movie a very sumptuous feel to it. But, let’s not forget that this is a hot scene! Amber first spanks then fucks her friend… and let’s not forget, next time it will be Amber’s turn to get a very sore bottom indeed…

Amber Spanks

EDIT: It looks like Amber no longer has a spanking website. Her website is now dedicated mainly to glamour and hardcore sex, but you’ll still find some spanking there.

Sasha’s turn to go OTK…

Sasha Reardon gets her turn over James Mitchell's knee

Following on from Alanah Rae’s hard OTK spanking from Sasha it’s now turn for Sasha Reardon to get hers. James Mitchell is Sasha’s lover and while curvy Sasha gets to dominate all of Clare’s callgirls in her absence, she is nothing but submissive to her lover, as you can see in this gallery.

Switches create some of the sweetest spanking scenarios, in my opinion, and it is very nice to see this busty redhead get a good, hard spanking having already dished it out to sexy Alanah.

This is the latest brand new episode from Clare Fonda’s Spanked Callgirls. See all the episodes and watch Sasha’s spanking unravel at…

Spanked Callgirls

Case Study: The Switch…

Seeing as it is the weekend here is another look at the very sexy girl/girl spanking movie “The Long Weekend“. In particular, I really like seeing a strict lady getting her comeuppance so here is a very nice example of a strict redhead (Aunt Helen) being very firm and spanking her nieces (Sarah Gregory and Jackie) before their Mom returns and gets her own revenge on her naughty sister…

What is it about switches that are so hot? I think from a fantasy point of view a lady who is in control of a naughty girl enough that she is able to give her a long, hard spanking is powerful, strong and dominant.. so while spanking a submissive girl is fun, but not exactly challenging, spanking a non-submissive girl is more of a challenge and spanking a lady who is not only non-submissive but is actually dominant is possibly the highest prize we can get as spanking-lovers.

Of course, this is just my opinion and you may disagree. And, that is not to say that naughty submissive girls do not deserve spankings or look very erotic while they are getting their pretty bottoms smacked over the knee. One of my favorite spanking scenes recently was with Alanah Rae who is smoking hot and extremely submissive and her spanking was just electric!

I like the concept of one person being in charge and so the rest of the people (naughty girls) are disciplined with spankings. While the main person is away there has to be someone in charge, or girls continue to misbehave, so while this happens spankings take place with some of the more dominant girls punishing the others, but when the main person returns there is a whole lot of spanking to catch up on.. this is very sexy indeed and is the idea behind “The Long Weekend”…

Switch Aunt Helen gets spanked OTK by Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda plays the Mom and is in this case the head person in charge. She makes sure her sister, the Switch in this case (Aunt Helen), understands by spanking her behind, then has cause to spank her sister’s daughter aswell (Abigail Whittaker).

While this switch may not have the power of Clare Fonda in this case, she still has seniority over the two nieces so it is good to see her get back to work following her own punishment, with another good OTK session for the two naughty ladies.

Switch Aunt Helen gets back to work by spanking her two nieces again

It’s another epic Clare Fonda spanking movie that you can download at…

Girl Spanks Girl