Two positions

Jennifer Torrance spanks Tanya Carter OTK

Today we have two spanking positions from Firm Hand Spanking.

The first position is the classic OTK position as employed by Jennifer Torrance on Tanya Carter, above. The update is actually an interview about spanking in which you can hear what beautiful Jennifer and Tanya say about their first spanking shoot. Jennifer says “It was a little more invigorating than I might have thought, because your blood is pumping, you’re sweating and adrenaline is going!”

Then, redheaded diva Alison Miller is over one knee in a modified OTK-hybrid. She gets 230 hard smacks on her lovely round bottom for being a diva…

Alison Miller gets spanked over Eric's knee on the arm of the couch

The second position is the bending-over-while-leaning-against-a-wall position, or in this case leaning against a classroom chalk board. Camilla Scott is in trouble again when she’s an hour late for school and lies about the reason so she gets a strokes of the leather tawse on her bare bottom for every minute she was late at the front of the classroom…

Camilla Scott holds onto the chalk board and bends over for the tawse on her bare bottom

And finally, Samantha Woodley is also in the bending-over-while-leaning-against-a-wall position, and this time it really is a wall. She’s getting paddled with the punishment board by her brother, Kyle, for staying out late partying…

Samantha Woodley bending over while standing up and is paddled by Kyle

Both positions are nice. OTK is probably the most popular position and gives a real sense of intimacy for a hand or hairbrush spanking.

Because the lady involved in the leaning over position is not over a table or chair she has to stick her bottom out for the punishment. This shows that not only is the spanking consensual, it’s also making the bottom position herself for each swat, as opposed to struggling away from it. This makes it very sexy and also means that harder implements can be used without risk of damaging anyone. Of course, this position means that there is sometimes a delay while the lady takes her time in getting herself back into position but that can be all a part of the enjoyment…

These four scenes are all recent scenes that be seen on Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

A Few Nice Things

Legs high above her head, Adrienne Black’s bare bottom is spanked 167 times

Here are a few nice things from Firm Hand Spanking

First up, in a continuation of the air stewardess scenario, flight attendant, Adrienne Black, is in trouble again. This time she is soundly spanked for making out with rock band members on a flight when she’s supposed to be working. With her long legs stretched high in the air and bare cheeks presented for punishment, the smoking hot blonde is given 167 smacks by her superior. The diaper-position spanking turns her quivering bottom a deep, satisfying red colour.

Jennifer Torrance’s beautiful bubble-butt spanked as a dare by Tanya

Next up is a College Girl Discipline dare with Tanya Carter and Jennifer Torrance. The two college freshmen are looking for evidence that teacher Mr Anderson has a fetish about spanking, they sneak into his office and since they’re there, how about a little spanking roleplay in his office… Jennifer Torrance’s juicy bare bottom is spanked and paddled over the knee to jiggling perfection by sexy Tanya.

Tanya Carter spanked bare bottom by hot sorority sister Jennifer Torrance

Then, the two girls return when beautiful Jennifer gets her own back on round-bottomed sorority sister Tanya Carter in the next installment of the college series. Jennifer pretends to be their kinky teacher as she spanks her girlfriend in his office. She soon has Tanya’s bare bottom bouncing and red, like her own bottom was, until they’re caught!!

For more sexy spanking with pretty girls and bubble butts check out Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking