Smoking leads to Sarah’s Butt on Fire!

Sarah Gregory gets spanked to tears in Butt on Fire

When Dana Specht catches naughty Sarah Gregory experimenting with smoking in her livingroom it is time to give the naughty lady a rude awakening. Dana immediately sits herself down and pulls Sarah over her lap, in the picture above. Obviously furious that Sarah should choose to smoke a cigarette at all, and espeically indoors, Dana does not go easy on the naughty girl at all. In fact, even a lady who is well used to being spanked, Sarah cries real tears as Dana tries to spank some sense into her.

Sarah Gregory gets spanked to tears in “Butt on Fire” gallery

The gallery is screencaps from the scene, to watch the full movie and plenty more spanking adventures in the life of this bratty babe, take a look at her website: Sarah Gregory Spanking!

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Clare Fonda Spanked to Tears!!

Clare Fonda hits on the wrong female police officer, Miss Chris

Clare Fonda is looking very foxy indeed in the next episode of My Spanking Roommate. She plays a lesbian cougar who gets a very hard spanking after she hits on the wrong female police officer. Miss Chris is a real-life practicing spank-o and knows exactly how to deal with ladies like Clare. Even though Clare is well used to getting spanked, Chris manages to get her to cry real tears as she whacks her bare, cougar bottom very hard…

Clare is quite the lesbian cougar, she has struck up a friendship with the local police officer, Miss Chris, and makes some inappropriate advances. Chris,a strong woman with a mean arm on her, takes Clare over her knee, gives it to her on her tight jeans, then snug blue panties, and finally on her pale bare bottom which gets very red and Clare sobs away. Real tears in a hard hitting F/f spanking scene.

Miss Chris spanks naughty cougar Clare Fonda to tears OTK

This scene is the next episode of My Spanking Roomate, episode 72, and is particularly exciting if you, like me, love to see a hard hitting female spanker get the tables turned on her. Clare is more often than not the one doing the spanking, but that does not matter one bit to the very strict and powerful Chris who really gives her a hard time in the Vegas hotelroom. Check it out and the story-based updates at My Spanking Roommate!

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate

Madison Martin gets paddled hard

Madison Martin gets her big, white booty paddled hard with tears

There was a sneak peek of this episode in this post but finally we have some more to show you!

The scene is fairly no frills, it’s just a hard, disciplinary paddling. Madison Martin bends over the sturdy, wooden desk, her skirt is raised and her panties lowered. She then gets twelve firm smacks from a very solid-looking wooden paddle…

Madison Martin gets her big, white booty paddled hard with tears at My Spanking Roommate

The background goes like this… Madison is 12 minutes late to her meeting with Mark. They are dating, but he must cure her of her pousy punctuality, so he spanks her, then gives her 12 whacks with the paddle in front of his secretary Cynthia, bringing Madison to tears.

Madison really does get paddled to tears here, her makeup gets smudged but she still looks very pretty. I love the closeups and the realness of this very hard scene with a cameo from Sinn Sage as secretary Cynthia. It’s a very nice punishment scene for those that like a spanking to hurt the spankee but not go too far and turn her bottom purple. I think it’s very nice indeed!

It’s another hot spanking episode from the spanking soap-opera that is My Spanking Roommate. If you like beautiful Madison Martin with her big, round, white bottom then you’ll love seeing her in these sexy movies…

Clare Fonda's My Spanking Roommate