Northern Spanking

Nurse, Ami Mercury, gets an OTK spanking from Paul Kennedy

Here are some recent and up-coming big bottom spankings from Northern Spanking the site by Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds. Even though the spanking movies have spanking models that we see on other spanking websites, there is a slightly different feel to the scenes here. With an emphasis on big bottoms and uniforms they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to filming hot scenes.

The first scene of Paul spanking Ami Mercury, who is wearing a sexy nurses uniform, on her bare bottom is from the “Careless Caregiver” movie. With those pink panties pulled down that big booty gets very pink very quickly…

Ami Mercury's well-spanked bare bottom at Northern Spankings

Along with Paul, Alex Reynolds is the other main spanker on the website. While she is quite young for a domme, she has taken to the world of topping with ease and brings plenty of F/F spankings to the site. This movie is called “Tennis Club Initiation” and has Alex spanking petite Rococo in her sexy little tennis outfit. Rococo is very slim but has a pleasingly large bottom, perfect for spanking! Alex flips up her white, pleated skirt, pulls her panties down and gives her bubble butt a nice hand spanking before moving onto some spanking implements…

Sexy Rococo gets a hard bare bottom OTK spanking from Alex Reynolds in Tennis Club Initiation

Occasionally, Alex will also be on the receiving end of a spanking. Here, she and Linny Lace are two schoolgirls who get spanked by Ginger S in “Ginger’s Vengeance“. With all three ladies wearing the same school uniform this is a very pretty scene, but Alex and Linny’s world famous big bottoms get nicely spanked. Ginger even uses a long, leather paddle on the two large bottoms as the school girls kneel on all fours on the coffee table…

Linny Lace and Alex Reynolds get spanked in Ginger's Vengeance

Finally, in an up-coming scene (August 17th, 2017) Ginger returns with Koko Kitten as two “Wayward Wives” who each get spanked by their husbands in a sexy MM/FF scene.

Ginger S and Koko Kitten each get spanked by their husbands as the other watches in Wayward Wives

When Ginger and Koko arrive home after a girls night out, they are met by two angry husbands. The girls were supposed to call and get picked up but instead decided to walk home through a dangerous neighborhood. Ginger knows very well what happens to her when she is disobedient and careless with her own safety, she gets a trip across Paul’s lap. And that is exactly what happens, right there in front of her best friend and her husband, James.

Ginger rubs her sore bottom as Koko Kitten gets spanked too

Not satisfied that his wayward wife has learned her lesson from a spanking, Paul takes his belt off to give Ginger a well-deserved leathering. Having seen the effectiveness of this method of domestic discipline, James decides that Koko too should feel his hand on her bottom and she, too, gets a spanking.

Koko Kitten and Ginger S show off their spanked bottoms together

All these spanking movies will appear on Northern Spanking along with plenty more big-bottomed spankings from both sides of the Atlantic.

Northern Spanking

Tennis Team Trouble

Shay Elizabeth gets spanked over the knee by Coach in Tennis Team Trouble

The latest mega-update from Sarah Gregory Spanking features FIVE naughty ladies on a tennis team getting spanked together one-by-one by their strict coach. Starring Sarah Gregory and Ten Amorette this big cast features experienced bottoms and up-and-comers alike as no bottom is spared a thrashing.

I don’t know how common this kind of fantasy is but I’ve certainly read more than one story along similar lines. Either the sports team is under-performing or have misbehaved. It’s a great fantasy because it allows many different ladies to get their turn over the knee. Here there is a very nice cast of brunettes, blondes and a redhead… something for everyone!

Shay Elizabeth is the redhead and I don’t think I’ve seen much of her before. You can see that Paul is not going easy on her at all in the photo above, she is the first in line and all four of the other girls watch as her bottom turns bright red from some very hard smacks.

And did I mention I think I might be in love with Christy Cutie….

Gorgeous Christy Cutie gets spanked nice and firmly OTK

At an away game, Coach, Paul Rogers, catches the girls on his tennis team in the hotel drinking. He threatens to call their parents and told them they have to forfeit the game. The girls grudgingly agree to be spanked so he won’t tell their parents. All 5 girls are spanked on their bare bottoms OTK and bent over. Shay Elizabeth, Christy Cutie, and Casey Calvert are all given the paddle as well.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Disqualified for Hand Gesture

Piper Hill gets bent over Veronica's knee on the couch and given a hard bare bottom hairbrush spanking

Tennis is a very civilized game with plenty of strict rules and regulations to keep the game fair. Unfortunately, some players do not always play the game in the correct fashion… Piper Hill is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery redhead’s poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off her coach, Veronica Bound too! Veronica’s response is even stronger than the umpire’s as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl’s backside.

You can watch this enticing “tennis gone wrong” scenario with exciting new newbie, Piper Hill, only at Punished Brats.

Punished Brats

Pixie’s Juggling Act

Naughty Pixie gets a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom as she lies across Veronica's lap
Naughty Pixie gets a hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom as she lies across Veronica’s lap

Today’s update comes from the “Juggling Act” update on Punished Brats. It’s a lovely scene which gets quite hard, as you can see in the above photo. Pixie has been asked not to juggle inside the house but she decides not to listen and juggles dangerously with tennis balls near some of Veronica’s delicate ornaments, she’s obviously furious and is determined to teach Pixie a painful lesson.

The scene starts with Pixie looking very pretty in her pink vest and shorts with her hair up in bunches. As she juggles she looks both cute and very naughty at the same time, especially when she is caught by Veronica standing in the doorway. Veronica is a hard spanker and she is in no mood to go easy on Pixie today. She is pulled over the knee and it is not long before those little shorts have been pulled down and her pert, round bottom is getting swatted with the large, wooden hairbrush. As mentioned, this is a hot spanking scene!

I like the above photo! As well as showcasing Pixie’s amazing ass as one of the meanest-looking hairbrushes I’ve ever seem lands down on it, you also get a lovely view of her cleavage. The “downblouse” aspect of spanking is there for all to see… the more fidgetting and wriggling that goes on the more the opportunity for intimate parts of the naughty lady to be shown off to all and sundry. The cuter the girl and the harder the spanking the more the wriggling and the chances for wardrobe malfunctions increase. Pixie is a beautiful babe and it’s always a joy to watch her getting spanked, and photos like the one above that show her pretty blue eyes, round bottom and lovely boobs show you all you need to know!

For plenty more of gorgeous Pixie and strict Veronica and all the other naughty brats go to Punished Brats!

Punished Brats

Ping Pong Teen Spanked!

Maya Bazin blows a bubble as she plays table tennis very badly
Maya Bazin blows a bubble as she plays table tennis very badly

This update is absolutely delicious! Sexy latina Maya Bazin is a brand new teen pornstar, and here she is playing table tennis in her bright pink outfit and white panties on her perfect, little bubblebutt…

She may be having an off day but that bubble butt is perfect
She may be having an off day but that bubble butt is perfect

Maya is actually a very good table tennis player but on this day her performance is awful so she has to pay for all her mistakes and bad attitude with a ping pong paddle spanking…

Naughty teen Maya gets spanked with the ping pong paddle for her terrible performance
Naughty teen Maya gets spanked with the ping pong paddle for her terrible performance

To go along with the spanking, Maya is also tied up in some crazy positions all over the table. With brightly coloured pegs clamping her nipples, a ball-gag and her arms bound up in purple bondage tape she could not be more humiliated, but then the coach feels like it’s time for her to learn another lesson…

Ping-Pong teen Maya Bazin spanked and fucked gallery

This is a very fun and sexy hardcore scene with some nice play spanking and a gorgeous girl in Maya Bazin. It’s another erotic update from Disgraced 18 where all the sexy and naughty, barely legal teens get properly punished and fucked.

Disgraced 18

Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

Two naughty ladies steal apples in tennis outfits in Little Red Apples

Another spanking heroine is Tiffany Jones. While it seems that some spanking girls start off on the web and do some spanking DVDs afterwards, everything (or most) of what I have seen of Tiffany has been on DVD.

In “Little Red Apples” the naughty blonde, above, is put up to steal some apples from the farmer by Tiffany. When the blonde, Barbie Mel, gets caught red-handed she is taken by the farmer into his shed where she is given a bare bottom spanking. On the way she is still carrying the apples in her tennis skirt, so her white panties are exposed and he spanks her every step of the way…

Sexy blonde gets caught stealing apples in Little Red Apples

When they get to the woodshed the farmer relieves the thief of the apples and gives her a very hard OTK hand spanking. Tiffany Jones is overcome by curiosity and cannot prevent herself from sneaking outside to watch her girlfriend getting punished, then she too is caught and taken by the farmer into his woodshed for a spanking. He spanks her over her white panties before yanking them down and spanking her bare bottom…

Sexy Spanking model Tiffany Jones in Little Red Apples

The movie starts off with Tiffany playing her girlfriend at tennis. Both are wearing the tennis uniform of short pleated skirts and tight, white panties that get pulled down often for good, sweet spankings. They finish their game and start fooling around and play-spanking on the tennis court before one of them runs off into a field with long grass in it. They chase each other through the long grass before one catches the other and yanks her panties down for some OTK spanking in the great outdoors.

In another scene the two girls have gone to a private pool and are swimming in their tennis outfits when they are caught being where they shouldn’t be and are dragged off, still wet, by a man who sternly lectures each girl as he spanks her naughty bottom. What follows is a very hot scene which involves both girls getting spanked in a bedroom with a nice firm caning, followed by a nice sex scene to celebrate.

Little Red Apples preview movie here.

Tiffany Jones spanked and caned in the nude in Little Red Apples

While it is the blonde who trespasses and gets caught, Tiffany Jones is definitely the instigator and main protagonist of the naughtiness in this movie. These scenes are very real and you get a bit of everything.. girl-girl spanking, M/F spanking, OTK spanking, smacked legs and caning. “Little Red Apples” is a classic spanking movie!! There are other scenes including one where they are stealing the “Little Red Apples” and have to be punished and a nice snooker table caning! The full movie can be watched now at Spanking TV!

Spanking TV