Thanksgiving Spanking

Sarah gets a bare bottom OTK spanking on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here again! It is a time for everyone to get together and enjoy a nice dinner, but someone is talking back and refusing to help prepare the dinner… That someone could only be Sarah Gregory! Sarah calls her mom a bitch and her mom, Dana Specht, is so shocked that she gives her a slap across the face before pulling her over the knee for a good spanking on her bare bottom.

But Sarah’s ordeal does not end there. Next, her dad, Paul Rogers continues to spank her already sore, red bottom. He spanks her so hard that his handprints are clearly visible on her ass. Mom helps by lecturing naughty Sarah and holding her hands away from her rear, then stopping her legs from kicking out.

Dana lectures Sarah as she gets her bottom smacked hard by Paul

After the two doses of OTK spankings, one from each parent, Sarah gets some cornertime and then the finale to this very hard handspanking scene is a double spanking by mom and dad at the same time as she kneels bending forwards on the couch.

Sarah’s hard Thanksgiving Spanking gallery

This is a nice, hard spanking. You can even see from the photos how hard naughty Sarah’s bottom gets slapped by Paul and Dana, which is unusual. This is what I’d call a punishment spanking and is probably as hard as you can get without going up to spanking implements. Sarah’s lovely curvy bottom gets a nice roasting, to go with the Thanksgiving turkey!

Sarah Gregory Spanking