Emma, the naughty flirt

Sarah spanks her lesbian girlfriend Emma Harper for flirting with other girls

We’ve seen Sarah Gregory take a spanking plenty of times but this is a nice example of how strict Sarah can be when she has to take command of a situation and deal with a naughty lady.

Sarah Gregory and her girlfriend Emma Harper are out clubbing. Emma is flirting with all the other girls at the club, but not her girl. When Sarah and her get back home, Sarah starts to pack to move out. She has had enough of her girlfriend flirting with other chicks. Emma asks to be spanked as punishment for her behavior as she begs Sarah not to leave her. Sarah agrees to this and Emma is given one of the hardest spankings she has received…

Emma is beautiful and very submissive but that does not stop Sarah from testing her limits. The sexy brunette with pale skin and a sweet, girl-next-door appearance gets a very sexy over-the-knee spanking, then she is stripped off completely nude so we can see those lovely big, natural breasts. Emma is so white that her bottom turns very red indeed, in sharp contrast to her long, milky white legs. Even before her panties have come off she is yelping “ow” loudly and frequently whilst gripping onto the sofa tightly as Sarah smacks her delicious buns hard with her hand. When her panties come off Sarah makes her stand up and remove her dress and bra aswell so that she is completely nude. As she un-clips her bra we get to marvel at her nice, pert, firm bottom that is really starting to redden up nicely… but the punishment has hardly begun.

Sexy Emma drapes herself naked over the knee lap and Sarah helps move her long brown hair out of her face. As she is continually lectured and spanked with the hand and paddle Emma tenses her bottom and holds herself up. She’s holding herself up naturally as a way to deal with the sharp stings in her rear but the fact she’s doing that also gives us a great view of her pretty face and lovely breasts as they wobble and shake.

Finally, it is time for the last part in her punishment so the naughty flirt, still in her high heels from the club, stands up naked and is asked to face the sofa and bend over with her legs straight and bottom in the air while Sarah uses another paddle on her very red buttocks. This is where Sarah comes into her own. She orders her submissive lover around with authority. When Emma starts to arch her back a quick bark from Sarah and she is back in position for more of the stinging, leather paddle. Eventually, with Emma’s bottom very red indeed the punishment is over and she can hug her girlfriend, Sarah, who has now decided to stay.

It’s a very nice scene indeed, very sexy. Emma is a gorgeous lady who gets a nice, hard and long punishment with plenty of reactions and jiggling of those nice breasts.

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