Two Brunettes Caned!

Two scenes in particular from Firm Hand Spanking have caught my eye recently. As it happens both scenes feature a sexy brunette getting caned on her bare bottom.

It’s hard to tell with Stacy’s hair being tied up but both seem to have shortish hair and a similar “look” to them, but Stacy has blue eyes and Valerie has brown eyes. With such similar models in similar scenes there is quite a difference between these two scenes. Both are good in their own way. What do you think?

Naughty secretary Stacy Stockton caned on bare bottom for stripping in office

The first scene has Stacy Stockton playing a naughty secretary who strips off her clothing on a hot day in the office. She ends up half naked and what little clothing she has on is see-thru. If this is not bad enough the secretary is very nonchalant when she’s challenged about it…

Taking off some of her clothes in the office “because I’m hot” is provocative enough to earn pretty Secretary Stacy Stockton a 12-stroke caning – with one extra deliberately miscounted! Patrick Bateman perfectly stripes her tights-clad and bare bottom cheeks.

First caned over her striped pantyhose, then with opaque pantyhose pulled down she is caned on her bare bottom with just a tiny G-string for a morsel of cover…

Naughty secretary Stacy Stockton caned on bare bottom for stripping in office

The second scene features Valerie Bryant, who is leaving the spanking world. In her last scene the busty model goes topless and shows off her lovely 32C boobs and tattoo for an 18-stroke caning. Her wonderful big boobs are well presented as she bends over leaning on the couch, with plenty of reaction shots in the movie where we can see her wince as she counts each stroke and her lovely breasts wobble slightly as they hang down during her painful caning…

Valerie Bryant talks herself into a topless caning for her last ever punishment

It’s worth the wait! Valerie Bryant goes topless for her grand finale: an 18-stroke caning from Richard Anderson. She requests a “refresher” from her Learning Curve tutor, but provokes him into taking things further, bare bottom and hard!

Valerie Bryant counts each stroke as she gets 18 from the cane on her bare bottom

There is also a forthcoming interview with Valerie (AKA Selina Scott) about her time in the spanking world.

You can see both brunette hotties get caned and Valeries interview, plus many more sexy spanking scenes with beautiful models at Firm Hand Spanking!

Firm Hand Spanking

Courtni Kissell bends over nude & spanked!

Courtni Kissell removes her towel and bends over nude for a hand-spanking

Courtni Kissell is everything I want from a spankee! She’s a nice-looking, cute, girl-next-door brunette with nice tits who looks great in this scene. She isn’t ready when Cindy Wallace arrives to pick her up, in fact, she’s only just got out of the shower. This is handy for Cindy, the Discipline Tutor, discards her towel and gives her a naked spanking, right there in the hallway, bent over the bannister. Cindy delivers an amazing array of swats on poor Courtni’s bare bottom as she bends over naked and humiliated! As Courtni’s bottom turns a deeper and deeper shade of red, the tears soon start to fall…

Courtni Kissell removes her towel and bends over nude for a hand-spanking

Cindy scolds Courtni after the hand spanking

The fresh-out-of-the-shower state is very sexy indeed. A sexy girl can look unbelievably sexy as she’s just swinging open the shower door and is about to grab her towel. That very clean, invigorated and moist state is perfect… not only that but her skin is taught and a little damp, perfect for a nice, hard handspanking!!!

This week’s Firm Hand Spanking gallery is particularly nice as it has this update with Courtni and two very hot, wooden paddle scenes. The first has Abigail Whittaker getting a spanking from Jaqueline Dubois who looks and sounds very much like Kristin/Kirsten Gold (spelling?) in the kitchen in the “Sisterly Feelings” series. Then there’s more of realtor Ally Cole getting her comeuppance at work from her boss. John Ryan gives niave Ally 25 swats over her pants, then 20 on her jiggling bare behind as a part of her introduction to the complex workings of the real estate business.

Firm Hand Spanking