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Today, we have a selection of kinky spanking clips from Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View

The Best Of Bad Tushy 6

Sarah Gregory gets strapped standing up in The Best Of Bad Tushy 6

First of all, this first bottom looks remarkably like that belonging to Sarah Gregory. She has found herself in prison and is getting punished by the very mean-looking prison warden. She’s getting punished with the leather belt, first of all over the knee over her panties, then with panties pulled down and finally standing up against the wall getting her bare bottom strapped. Watch more at the… sample movie.

You can also see the DVD info page here… The Best Of Bad Tushy 6.


Punish The Professor

Britney Amber and Jessica Ryan in Punish The Professor

This next scene is a femdom spanking and sex scene where two hot female students, Britney Amber and Jessica Ryan, dominate their professor. The busty, rich, co-eds get all A’s when they are through with the poor teacher who gets thoroughly dominated by the two beauties! This is a sex and spanking scene with both ladies taking it in turns to punish and humiliate him. Watch more in the sample movie.

You can see more movie info and the download options at the “Punish The Professor” page.


Tormenting Young Lylah

Lylah Ryder is a curvy blonde babe in a hot pink bikini, but Sally D’Angelo is set on punishing her, and that bikini soon gets stripped off. There is some nice scolding from the domme, who expertly uses two floggers at once, whipping the sexy girl as she kneels on all fours.

Introducing the new 20ish year old bombshell Lylah Ryder. Little did Lylah realize when Sally D’Angelo invited her over for some pool side fun and games that she would be the entertainment for the afternoon.

Sample “Tormenting Young Lylah” movie

There is more info at the movie download page… Tormenting Young Lylah



Control” features another familiar face! We’ve seen Skin Diamond in a spanking scene before, and you can certainly see why everyone wants to spank her perfect ebony bubble butt.

Skin and Alex have an arrangement. She does absolutely anything he asks, including cooking, cleaning, and, whenever Alex wishes it, bending over so he can cum in her.

While Alex does indeed spank Skin’s bubble butt, this is a very rough and nasty hardcore scene where slapping and spanking is just one part of it. Skin is wearing some very sexy black lingerie and gets treated extremely perversely while on all fours outside on the floor. It’s very kinky indeed.

Sample movie clip of Skin Diamond in “Control”

And, there is more info about this kinky hardcore movie all about sex and control, at the movie download page… Control.


Dominance And Submission

Skin Diamond also appears in the “Dominance And Submission” DVD, but this scene features busty, tattooed Anna Bell Peaks dominating sexy brunette, Adria Rae. After having already dominated the sexy beauty with her hands tied above her head, now Anna Bell ties her up so that she is suspended from her arms and legs. It almost looks like Adria is a human hammock! The big-boobed domme takes her time, slowly teasing the submissive with words before taking her to the next level of domination.

These girls are ready to surrender to their lovers’ every kinky desire. With restraints and complete submission, these girls are bound for unparalleled orgasms.

Watch the sample movie and download the full movie at the Dominance And Submission movie page.


This is a slightly different type of post to what we normally have, so I hope you enjoy these five clips. There are more spanking clip previews at the VOD tag or you can browse the full catalog of spanking, hardcore and other kinky movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View. There is the option of either buying minutes and only paying for what you see, or you can download the clip for life.

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Three Spanked Black Girls

Gramps spanks a naughty black girl with his hand over the knee

These screengrabs come from an amateur spanking movie called Three Spanked Black Girls from Real Spanking Video. These are very amateur videos so if you’re looking for polished, professional clips then they’re probably not for you. What you get from this studio is on the harder side of spanking action, often mixed in with sex.

The spanker here is a lover of ebony ladies, or to be more precise, he is a spanker and fucker of ebony ladies. Sometimes there is a storyline, other times there isn’t, but either way he gets a sexy black babe and spanks her very hard… testing her limits! Because these girls are not professional spanking models, or necessarily into spanking at all, there are some pretty real responses to the hard spankings. The African-American accents often have a southern twang to them and you often get some emotion-filled protests as their round asses get spanked very hard. There’s also plenty of wriggling and the combination of the ladies wriggling and struggling whilst protesting in a Southern drawl while the spanker tries as hard as he can to keep spanking is often quite funny. But while there may be some comedy cat-and-mouse moments these are hard spankings and the ladies are struggling and cursing because it really hurts…

Black babe's bikini bottoms come down as gramps lays on the smacks

In this movie there are three scenes where he spanks the three black girls in the title. Then, the last three scenes have one of the girls spanking the other, then one gets fucked by the spanker and finally two of the ladies get it on in some lesbian-lovemaking…

Well, the title says it all doesn’t it? Three hot and sexy black girls have been naughty! They need a spanking. Well gramps is lays on the corporal punishment and spanks all three of them!

Two black ladies spanking each other

Fans of “Gramps” and his methods of disciplining black ladies should also see Two Spanked Black Girls which is much harder with implements and anal sex! You can watch both movies right now, plus a whole host of amateur spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View!

Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View

Goddess Starla’s Dungeon

Jada Sinn gets her round ass cheeks and her shaved pussy spanked by Goddess Starla

Welcome to the hottest dungeon you’ll ever see. With gorgeous submissives having their will bent at the hands of Goddess Starla. Here we see the Goddess dealing with a naughty slavegirl, Jada Sinn. When Jada won’t keep still Goddess Starla is forced to spank her round bottom and even put her hands inbetween her spread legs and spank her shaved pussy as she proves that she is definitely not a person to mess with…

Jada gets a good, hard spanking from the sexy and kinky Goddess

While she is ruthless with her punishment, Goddess Starla shows that she will give rewards for good behaviour too. Jada finally starts to behave so Starla rewards her with a cock-shaped dildo in her sopping wet twat and a buttplug up her ass.

Jada Sinn gets her round ass cheeks and her shaved pussy spanked by Goddess Starla before she is rewarded with some toys – movie

To see some of the best BDSM and kinky/sexy bondage and spanking check out more DVDs that are online now on pay-per-view at Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View.

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House of Lords 3

Naughty blonde gets an OTK spanking from the Headmistress in House of Lords 3

Movie description for “House of Lords 3″…

Our exploration of the very English penchant for corporal punishment continues with VOLUME 3 of “House of Lords” and what a tale we have to tell. Our story concerns two ripe and beautiful student at a very private school for naughty young girls. The school is run by a stern and demanding Headmistress who subscribes to the “spare the rod, spoil the child” method of discipline. It seems our two young beauties have stolen something of values and one of them was caught red handed, whilst the other got away. This infuriates the Headmistress and she resolves to make the captured coed confess the name of her accomplice. When questioning does not work it is time to resort to corporal punishment, when the headmistress performs on the lush body of her interrogation continues without respite until the girl’s identity becomes known. Her ass is red and raw from the merciless beating but is not over. In fact, it has just begun. Now both girls are subjected to raw and brutal punishment for their sins. The Headmistress is merciless as she whips, canes, slaps, straps and spanks both girls until the tears are streaming down the faces. One girl is forced to stand in the corner as part of her humiliation and watch the other being beaten. There are even scenes of Bastinado performed on the open hands of both young beauties. This is a long and intense journey into a world of pain and punishment that leaves both girls stripped and marked by the whips. It will leave you drained and exhausted.

Spank Bad Ass Pay-Per-View

Jamie Lee gets her beautiful bottom punished

Jamie Lee gets her beautiful bottom punished with a riding crop

These spanking movies come from the DVD: A Compendium Of His Most Graphic Scenes 2 at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View. It’s what I would call fetish or BDSM spanking as opposed to a punishment spanking but if you’re into submissive girls getting toyed with then it’s a pretty nice scene.

The setting is just a normal-looking living room but what’s inside is anything but normal. The guy in a leather thong and various chains has the naked girl, Jamie Lee, kneeling down and bending over with her arms behind her back so that he can slap her beautiful bottom with his hands and a painful-looking riding crop. The spanking is slow and thoughtful with some action from the chain as well as it rubs against her pussy as her ass is slapped. I also like the start where he’s playing and pulling her nipples and slapping her lovely, pert breasts.

See more spanking and fetish movies at..

Spanking Pay Per View

Spanking “Torment” for Ebony Babe

Very cute ebony babe is spanked in Bondage Torment 9

Today’s spanking movie clips are from “Bondage Torment 9” but considering it is a fairly gentle OTK session and the girl’s going to cum straight afterwards we’re not exactly sure what the actual torment is.. 🙂

Nice scene, a black background focuses the eye on the action and the girl is very cute for her OTK spanking wearing nothing but a tiny G-string. The ebony babe, Samone, is very cute indeed and has a killer body.. she also seems to be having a great time as her round tushy is slapped and she thinks about her forthcoming orgasm while remembering to answer the guy’s questions with a “Sir”. See the sample clips here…

Samone is turned over the knee for a good old fashioned red ass spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View

Today’s Spanking Movie Clip

As I write this I’ve just been watching Today’s Spanking Movie Clip (see the menu at the top of the page). The clip changes every day and sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t.

The clip I saw was taken from scene 2 of the fetish movie “Affliction“. The tall, statuesque black girl is caning a pale, white girl over a trestle. By this stage the ebony spanker is naked except for a black leather thong and the sight of her bare breasts from the side and her amazing ass is pretty amazing. The white girl’s bottom is getting quite a caning and its very red indeed. The strokes of the cane do not look that hard on the small samples but the sound of the smacks and the redness in the girl’s bottom show the real story. It’s a nice scene if a little “cold” and quiet.

Anyway, just a reminder to check out that link at the top for a different free spanking clip every day.

Spanking Pay Per View

Latex babe gets her milky white Bottom Spanked

Latex babe gets her milky white Bottom Spanked

I’m not sure who the latex babe in these latex spanking movies at Spanking Pay Per View is, all I know is that she has a nice body and an absolutely amazing, big, white bottom.

When it comes to a lady’s behind I am a fan of various different shapes and sizes. Generally speaking a round bottom is the best but that can be small, tight and round or big, round and luxuriously curvy. This girl does not have a massive ass but when she bends right over and the Mistress pulls up that latex skirt there is definitely a nice soft, fleshiness to her buttocks.

It’s a little kinkier than we normally have round these parts but this all-girl bondage spanking is well worth checking out for that beautiful bottom, some pretty latex and other fun stuff…

Spanking Pay Per View

Spanking Auditions

Cute brunette stripped and spanked for dressing like a whore and swearing

An audition is a nice spanking scenario. You have a cute girl who wants to impress and get the job who is asked to bend over the desk for a series of stern tests with the palm of the interviewer’s hand. In these sample movie clips the girl is told to remove her little nightgown and panties for a nude spanking in which she is lectured on looking like a slut and swearing like a sailor. “The other people who use that word are sailors, young ladies do not use that word!”

So, the beautiful brunette bends over the desk completely naked to continue her punishment with some more nude hand-spanking and then a good dose of the large wooden paddle. The paddle is very big indeed, it is a good job it’s being used by an expert in the art of spanking. The strict female interviewer is firm but good humored and never misses an opportunity to make the girls beautiful white bottom a red color by firmly smacking her naughty ass.

Check out the full movie and many other spanking vids to view online and download at…

Spank Bad Ass P.P.V.

Busty blonde actress gets spanked for her next acting role

Busty blonde actress gets spanked for her next acting role

When an aspiring British actress goes to a producer to ask him about some work, the producer looks at her sexy body and nice ass and comes up with an idea. He tells her that he can find her some work, but first he wants to give her a spanking… which he does in these spanking movies at Spank Bad Ass Pay Per View!

Considering that the movies and commercials pay a lot and even a part in a TV series will mean good money so it’s a good opportunity for this hot babe so she agrees to an OTK bare ass spanking. Which the dirty producer really enjoys inflicting on her round ass. Whether or not she gets cast in a part she has certainly done her prospects a lot of good. She gets naked and bends over so he can slap her ass and in the process shows off her wonderful body. I particularly like her big boobs that are kinda perky and point outwards, wobbling as her bottom is smacked.

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