Xela Chaste

Xela Chaste is stripped naked on her initiation into jail

Madam, Xela Chaste, has been thrown into the Bars and Stripes prison for running a brothel. It’s a rather low brow establishment with illegal imports from foreign shores. As well as being sentenced for 6 years Chaste is unrepentant and, thinking that she can bargain with the Governor, she keeps her arrogant attitude when she enters the institution. Dressed in a fur coat and other stylish attire on her entrance, she is soon stripped bare for her prison initiation by the Governor. The Prison staff embark on a programme of “retraining” to ensure that Chaste is suitably contrite upon leaving and sympathetic to the establishment.

Xela learns that she is to be punished naked in the Governor's office

Xela Chaste may be a nasty piece of work who deserves bringing down a peg or two in her time in jail, but she has a lovely curvy body. The blonde has a great pair of breasts, one nipple has been pierced, and several tattoos… she also has a lovely big, pale, white bottom. This sexy lady looks great, but even better as she bends over the Governor’s desk and her wrists held by a prison officer for her nude strapping.

The Governor straps Xela's arrogant bottom

The ladies finds that maybe they will have to be rather more compliant within the confines of the prison or things will become even more uncomfortable…

Follow the initiations and punishments of all the ladies who have been sent to this corporal punishment prison at Bars and Stripes.

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