Dominating their Slutty Boss

Gia DiMarco and Aaliyah Love dominating their slutty boss, Maya Kendrick, at Whipped Ass

We’ve seen pornstar Aaliyah Love many times over the years in mainly lesbian and spanking scenes before she did her first ever boy/girl scene and started to do hardcore scenes. She has always been a sugary sweet blonde princess with a butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-the-mouth innocence to her. This makes the scenes where she gets really dirty all the hotter. Here are some of the best Aaliyah Love spanking movies from over the years. To begin with in her porno career she was definitely a teen-like pornstar, but now she does plenty of MILF scenes. Aaliyah has only just started doing scenes for Kink and in this scene at Whipped Ass she has completely abandoned her innocence and teamed up with Gia DiMarco to dominate their slutty boss.

Maya Kendrick gets her pussy and ass fingered close-up by lesbians Gia and Aaliyah

This movie is called “Gia DiMarco And Aaliyah Love Get Back At Their Slutty Boss” and the only thing that is left out of the title is that their boss is the hot redhead, Maya Kendrick. Maya starts off wearing a sexy santa outfit but then has her clothes roughly dragged off her as the two pornstars start to dominate the sexy redhead. Here they have taken her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth while they spank her bare ass from the side. Her pale ass cheeks jiggle enticingly in this very unusual spanking position…

Maya Kendrick gets spanked from the side with her panties stuffed in her mouth

Tis the season to be jolly, but after working all day long these two sexy present-wrappers are anything but. The hot and sexy Gia DiMarco and her coworker Aaliyah Love are tired of working late and taking orders from their hounding boss Maya Kendrick. Fed up with Maya barking orders and not helping with the workload, the two sexy disgruntled workers take Maya down and teach her a lesson she won’t soon forget. They strip her clothes off and take turns spanking and flogging her super hot booty. They put Maya on the floor and take turns making her lick their pussies.

Maya Kendrick gets spanked while she licks Aaliyah Love's pussy

After the sideways spanking, Maya gets on all fours for a more conventional position. She gets her bottom smacked while licking Aaliyah’s horny pussy. Gia continues to spank her ass, then even gives her some smacks from the riding crop…

Gia DiMarco punished Maya Kendrick's ass with a riding crop at Whipped Ass

But, this is just the warm-up! From here the action gets more sexual and Maya gets tied up and fucked with a strapon. There is even some strapon double penetration!

After giving her a good round of much-deserved punishment, Gia and Aaliyah take turns making Maya lick their pussies until they both cum. Now that they’ve taught their boss a lesson, they can wrap her up and call it a night. Another tale of holiday revenge.

Watch this rough lesbian scene with Maya Kendrick, Aaliyah Love and Gia DiMarco at Whipped Ass and you can also browse more scenes from all three ladies at the other Kink websites.

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Xmas Spanking

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in A Christmas Spanking Story

Christmas is here at Momma Spankings

Christmas is almost here and momma’s darling daughter has been naughty and misbehaving more than ever. She am so worried that Santa Clause won’t visit her this year and leave her presents because of her bad behavior. Santa pays Momma a surprise visit and tells her that naughty girls do not get presents they get spankings!

A Christmas Spanking Story gallery

You can also see more of Sarah Gregory at Sarah Gregory Pass!

Sarah Gregory and Dana Specht in Momma Spankings

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, would just like to say happy new year from Spank Bad Ass blog and I hope everyone had a good festive period.

I haven’t done a conversational piece in a while so thought I’d write something about a dream/daydream I’ve had recently…

The basic concept was that a nicely spanked bottom is a very festive thing and can add to a ladies’ santa outfits over the holiday season. Perhaps a “good girl” woke up on xmas morning with an unspanked bottom and had to ask for someone to give her a nice, hard OTK spanking to make her cheeks flush and help her celebrate. It would work especially well if she was wearing a tiny santa outfit with a little skirt that left her bottom largely uncovered. It might even be a work xmas party or she may have been working over christmas, in which case she might want to out-do the other ladies in her workplace by going that last extra step. A nice, rosy bottom peeking out under her uniform would bring a warm glow to everyone, especially when it started to fade and she needed to ask someone for a top-up. Perhaps she’d ask her boss in the hope that she’d get a raise or promotion… this would work best if it was the company owner who she rarely got to impress in person.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2013 and there are plenty of sexy spankings happening everywhere!!

Spanked by Santa

Sarah Gregory tries to rescue her presents back from Santa

Very topically for this time of year we have an appearance from everyone’s favourite bearded, reindeer driver. Everyone knows what he does every year, but what happens when it goes wrong? This could be on one of those out-take shows…

It’s not quite Christmas morning yet and little curious Sarah sneaks downstairs to spy on Santa. She is just so excited for her presents. Santa is very unhappy to see Sarah up this late not only spying on him, but also giving him a sassy attitude. Santa spanks this naughty little girl and then takes away all her presents.

Naughty blonde Sarah Gregory gets her big bottom spanked hard by Santa OTK

Sarah Gregory gets spanked by Santa OTK gallery

You may have noticed that Sarah’s hair is now blonde! It’s a bit of a shock and taking a while to get used to (being a fan of brunettes) but those fun-lovin’ blondes need spankings just as much as brunettes. There’s plenty more of Sarah Gregory in various different haircolors in her spanking adventures only at her website: Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Sarah Gregory Spanking

Naughty Elves Spanked at Xmas

Sarah takes her turn over Santa's lap

It’s Christmas time again and some of Santa’s elves have been naughty and have hidden themselves away, hoping to not do any work. But as the song says, there’s nothing that doesn’t get back to the man with the white beard, and he soon turns up to chastise the two. It’s a very sexy movie with the two naughty elves dressed in matching outfits, complete with striped stockings and panties…

Two naughty elves Sarah Gregory and Kat St.James get spanked by Santa at Xmas gallery

Naughty elves Sarah Gregory and Kat St.James show off their well-spanked bottoms

To download this movie and plenty more hot spanking movies go to Sarah Gregory Spanking.

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Samantha Woodley has panties pulled down for the Christmas Belt

Samantha Woodley is shown Daddy's leather belt

Samantha Woodley is sooo cute! She plays the bratty angel role very well.. and with every bratty angel comes a bratty spanking. This particular Christmas the spanking takes the form of many different spankings over the course of the whole day, getting Samantha’s perfect bottom very sore and red by bedtime. You may remember that she starts off being a little madam from the outset and getting a Christmas morning spanking while still in her nightie. But later in the day her behaviour has not improved so it is time for Samantha to bend over the wooden stool and raise her bottom high in the air for the leather belt…

Brattiness has no place during the festive season, as Samantha has already learned. Making demands instead of being a Christmas angel means spending an entire day confined to her bedroom. Now it’s time for “daddy’s” belt to be applied to her bare rear to ensure her behavior improves. It’s a bottom-reddening finale to Domestic Discipline!

Samantha Woodley gets her panties pulled down for her Christmas spanking finale gallery

With her bare bottom high in the air Samantha Woodley gets a very hard belt punishment

It’s yet another immaculate threesome of spankings from Firm Hand Spanking. Every spanking has the prettiest, brattiest girls getting dealt with very firmly indeed. Download all the sizzling spanking scenes at…

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Spanked Brat on Xmas Day

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

It’s Christmas morning and little miss brat has woken up and gone straight downstairs to see what presents she has been given. She hasn’t even bothered to get dressed, she’s still in her princess’s nightgown. She starts to open her presents but when they’re all open this little brat is less than satisfied.. she’d wanted so much more. She complains to Daddy but this time he has had enough of his spoilt daughter and rather than take her shopping this bratty princess is getting her panties pulled down for a Christmas morning spanking on her bare bottom.

Bratty Samantha Woodley gets a Xmas morning spanking on her bare bottom

Cute little teens with soft bottoms getting a stern spanking from their fathers is a favorite M/F fantasy of mine and Samantha Woodley plays the role of the bratty little princess very well indeed.

This is a nice OTK movie with some slight twists. Even though it’s technically over the knee the Dad is sat on the floor instead of being seated on a chair, like normally happens. There’s also an unusual hold in the movie, he seems to wrap his arm around his daughter’s neck while he spanks her beautiful bare bottom with the other.. I can’t recall seeing that before… it certainly seems to have the desired affect on poor Samantha.

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