Wrestled and Spanked

Zoe starts off the wrestling lesson with some instructions

Redheaded wrestling instructor, Zoe, was trying to teach her student, Jenna, some new moves in their latest wrestling lesson but Jenna had other things on her mind as she thought she could do better than the simple movies being taught. She pushed her teacher to the limit with some own moves of her own that rattled Zoe and when Jenna almost squashed the life out her attractive tutor…

Jenna messes around and gets her tutor in a hold

Zoe was not used to being made a fool of or submissive at all so she soon took complete control of the naughty minx, Jenna, and gave her another lesson in how to be a compliant young lady with the help of a humiliating punishment. Jenna soon remembered who was boss as she suffered the indignity of having her bikini bottoms pulled down for an old fashioned bare bottom spanking!

Zoe spanks Jenna's bare bottom outdoors in the wrestling lesson

This is a sexy outdoor spanking scene as Zoe and Jenna, the two ladies start off in their skimpy bikinis wrestling on the mat, before Jenna’s bottoms are pulled down and she gets spanked on the bare bottom.

The wrestling lesson gallery

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